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Is Half-Life As Good As You Remember? | Nostalgia Trip 08/18/18
These 12 Games Are Up For The World Video Game Hall Of Fame 03/27/18
Counter-Strike Co-Creator Arrested Over Sexual Exploitation Of A Child 02/01/18
Half-Life Voice Actor Passes Away 10/24/17
GS News Update: Half-Life Writer Shares Episode 3 Details 08/25/17
New Half-Life Comic Out Now On Steam 07/21/17
Half Life Updated; Loads Of Amazon Prime Day Game Deals! - GS News Roundup 07/11/17
Half-Life, Which Is 19 Years Old, Got A New Update Today 07/10/17
Half-Life Remake Black Mesa's Revamped Xen Delayed Again 06/20/17
Almost 20 Years Later, Uncensored Half-Life Now Officially Available In Germany 05/04/17
Valve Is Making Three "Full" VR Games 02/10/17
Fan-Made Half-Life Remaster Reveals Its Redesigned Xen With a Screenshot 12/22/16
Half-Life's Fan Remaster Finally Approaching the Release of Its Redesigned Xen 10/31/16
Star Wars Director's Portal Movie Could be Announced Soon 09/29/16
There Is a Half-Life: 3 Poster at Gamescom, But It's Not All It Seems 08/16/16
What's the Most Impactful Mod Ever? - The Lobby 05/19/16
Voice Actors Voice Gordon Freeman, Link, and More - The Lobby 03/24/16
GS News Update: Half-Life Writer Confirms Valve Retirement 01/08/16
This Guy Got Half-Life Running on a Smart Watch 07/24/15
Free Version of Half-Life Remaster Black Mesa to Get Limited Support, No Xen 05/14/15
Black Mesa - GameSpot Plays 05/09/15
Half-Life Fan Remaster Black Mesa Launches on Steam Early Access 05/05/15
Half-Life Fan Remake Site Countdown Teases Reveal Next Week 05/01/15
Why 1998 Was the Best Year in Gaming 12/28/14
Impressive "Super Smash Bros. Source" Video Imagines a Valve Fighting Game 06/01/14
Dust to Dust: The History of Counter-Strike 05/17/14
No Half-Life 3, but here's what we learned from Gabe Newell's AMA 03/04/14
Fan-made Half-Life remake Black Mesa will be sold as a commercial product 11/20/13
Greatest Game Series of the Decade: Sweet 16 Rundown 09/02/13
Random Encounter - Half-Life Deathmatch 09/02/13
Gabe Newell to receive BAFTA Fellowship award 02/27/13
Half-Life now on Mac, Linux 01/25/13
Valve talks Half-Life movie 11/27/12
Gabe Newell headed to AIAS Hall of Fame 11/15/12
24 Games in 24 Hours - GameSpot's Extra Life Marathon 10/17/12
Black Mesa Half-Life mod launching September 14 09/02/12
Now Playing: Valve Software Birthday Show 08/24/12
Start/Select - Half-Life 2: Episode 3, Tomb Raider, ME3 DLC 06/28/12
Apple CEO visits Valve HQ - Report 04/13/12
Escape From Mount Stupid: Counter-Strike 04/02/12
Escape From Mount Stupid: Half-Life 03/19/12
Escape From Mount Stupid: Half-Life 03/19/12
'Dangerous' for Steam to dominate digital PC market - Minecraft creator 03/16/12
Valve not planning hardware anytime soon 03/08/12
Valve worth $3 billion - Report 03/07/12
E3 2011: Valve playing with NECA 06/08/11
GameSpot Game Night - Half-Life Source 05/18/11
Video Game History Month: Randy Pitchford 05/05/11
The Game Design Challenge 2011: Bigger Than Jesus 03/04/11
Valve more profitable per employee than Google, Apple 02/15/11
30 million Steam-ed 10/18/10
Valve opening Mac spigot May 12 04/29/10
Valve opens up to Macs 03/08/10
Pitchford opens up on Gearbox, Borderlands a '3-million-unit game' 02/19/10
Half-Life, Portal scribes detail the Valve process 09/16/09
Greatest Game Hero: Gordon Freeman 09/15/09
Activision, Valve tangle over 2002 lawsuit 04/30/09
Valve founder Steams up D.I.C.E. 02/18/09
Half-Life decays to $1 11/19/08
Daily Downloads: Blue Dragon, Mass Effect 08/27/07
Greatest Games of All Time: Half-Life 05/18/07
Half-Life Video Feature 05/18/07
Charlie Cleveland's small-game biz 08/16/06
Tarantino to direct Half-Life movie? 01/19/06
Valve opens developer community 07/01/05
Valve and VU end legal dispute, publishing agreement 04/29/05
Half-Life Half-Life: Source Gameplay Movie 2 11/16/04
Half-Life Half-Life: Source Gameplay Movie 1 11/16/04
Valve to shut down WON servers 07/15/04
TenSpot: Top Ten First-Person Shooters 03/16/04
Games: Just what the doctor ordered 10/20/03
Steam's future 08/27/03
Valve shopping for Half-Life movie 07/11/03
Half-Life Mod Expo mods announced 07/20/02
Day of Defeat 3.0 released 07/11/02
Valve partners with Day of Defeat team 07/03/02
Half-Life mod expo moves to Texas 06/20/02
Half-Life, Counter-Strike updates available 06/12/02
Half-Life, Counter-Strike updates Wednesday 06/10/02
Half-Life and Counter-Strike patches on the way 05/29/02
Half-Life and Counter-Strike updates available 04/24/02
Half-Life and Counter-Strike updates coming soon 04/18/02
Day of Defeat 2.0 released 02/06/02
Third annual Half-Life Mod Expo announced 11/14/01
Half-Life Review: 8.8 / 10 11/14/01
Valve looking for testers 11/06/01
Half-Life PS2 ships next week 11/06/01
Half-Life PS2 goes gold 10/29/01
Half-Life heading to the big screen? 10/26/01
Half-Life Mod Expo postponed 09/19/01
Half-Life Video Preview 09/13/01
Half-Life Q&A 09/12/01
Half-Life Movie 12 09/10/01
Half-Life Movie 11 09/10/01
Half-Life Updated Preview 09/10/01
Half-Life Movie 9 09/10/01
Half-Life Movie 8 09/10/01
Half-Life Mod Expo accepting submissions 08/27/01
Half-Life: Decay nears completion 08/17/01
Half-Life Preview 07/24/01
Half-Life Movie 4 07/24/01
Half-Life for the Dreamcast officially cancelled 06/15/01
Valve releases Deathmatch Classic mod for Half-Life 06/07/01
Half-Life DC disappears from release lists 05/29/01
E3 2001 Hands-onHalf-Life 05/17/01
New details: Half-Life PS2 05/04/01
Half-Life Preview 04/06/01
Multiplayer Half-Life in limbo 03/16/01
Front Line Force 1.0 Released 11/17/00
Half-Life Feature Preview 11/15/00
Sierra Explains Half-Life Delay 11/08/00
Half-Life Update Released 10/25/00
Half-Life for Dreamcast Gets a New Version 09/26/00
ECTSHalf-Life Dreamcast Hands-On 09/05/00
Sierra and Valve Announce Half-Life: Platinum 08/30/00
DC Half-Life Includes Blue Shift 08/29/00
Half-Life Preview 07/24/00
Half-Life 1.1 Patch 06/08/00
Half-Life ban lifted 02/03/00
Half-Life: Opposing Force Review: 9 / 10 11/24/99
Web Studio Embraces Half-Life 02/25/99
Half-Life Review: 9.4 / 10 11/20/98
Hands On: Half-Life Multiplayer 11/06/98
Half-Life Preview 07/24/97