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Duke Nukem Forever

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Adds Three More Games, And They're All On Sale 12/04/18
More Details On The Duke Nukem Movie Starring John Cena Revealed 03/27/18
John Cena In Talks To Play Duke Nukem In New Movie 01/22/18
Borderlands and Duke Nukem Forever Dev Teasing Announcement 11/25/16
Duke Nukem 3D Remake Being Announced Next Week - Report 08/26/16
After Less Than 3 Months, $15 Gets You Battleborn and More in a Humble Bundle [Update] 07/26/16
PlayStation Now Adds 50 New Games, Offering 3-Month Subscription for $30 06/06/16
5 Infamous Games Gone Missing Which Eventually Launched - The Gist 04/11/16
Duke Nukem Voice Actor Turned Down Job for Top GOP Presidential Candidate 01/13/16
Duke Nukem Lawsuit Ends, Gearbox Emerges as "Full and Rightful" Owner 08/19/15
GS News - PlayStation in Pluto Probe; Digital Vs. Physical Games 07/15/15
"Head-Turning" New Duke Nukem Game Teased, But Don't Expect it Soon 07/15/15
This Week's Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals Revealed 03/24/15
Up and Atom: A Conversation With Duke Nukem 08/18/14
The Gearbox/3D Realms legal battle over Duke Nukem is heating up 03/27/14
3D Realms, Apogee acquired by Interceptor Entertainment 03/02/14
Gearbox sues over new Duke Nukem 02/23/14
New Duke Nukem game teased for PlayStation and PC 02/03/14
3D Realms vs. Gearbox lawsuit settled 09/13/13
3D Realms sues Gearbox alleging unpaid Duke Nukem Forever royalties 06/13/13
GS News - Gearbox up for another Duke Nukem 09/14/12
Vocabularium - Development Hell 03/22/12
Digital Downloads - MW3 and Assassin's Creed: Revelations Maps 01/26/12
Y U NO MAKE NEW IP? 01/23/12
A Year in the Life of a Gamer - 2011 12/28/11
Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC Trailer 12/13/11
Duke Nukem DLC out next week 10/06/11
Take-Two sales sink 12% in June quarter 08/08/11
Start/Select - Duke Nukem DLC and Avatar Kinect 07/27/11
Duke Nukem Forever DLC blowing up this fall 07/26/11
GameSpot Sync - Call of Duty: Black Ops - Annihilation, Journey, and Comic-Con 2011 07/15/11
L.A. Noire, Duke Nukem top slumping June sales - NPD 07/14/11
Poor Duke Nukem sales offset L.A. Noire success for Take-Two - Analyst 07/05/11
PlayStation Store Update: Beyond Good & Evil HD, Uncharted 3 MP beta 06/28/11
Duke Nukem Forever hitting Mac this August 06/27/11
This Week in Digital Downloads - Horde mode trailer, eShop on the 3DS, Trenched, and more 06/23/11
Xbox Live Update: Trenched digs in tomorrow 06/21/11
More Duke Nukem coming 06/21/11
Duke Nukem Forever Review: 3 / 10 06/16/11
Duke Nukem Forever - Big Guns Gameplay Movie 06/16/11
Duke Nukem Forever - Duke Scores Gameplay Movie 06/16/11
Duke Nukem Forever - RC Fun Gameplay Movie 06/16/11
L.A. Noire sells 899,000 in May 06/16/11
Duke Nukem Forever Video Review 06/15/11
Duke Nukem Forever - RC Driving Duke Gameplay Movie 06/15/11
Duke Nukem Forever - Suck It Down Gameplay Movie 06/15/11
Duke Nukem Forever - Propain Pain Gameplay Movie 06/15/11
Duke Nukem Forever Review: 3 / 10 06/14/11
Duke Nukem Forever Review: 3.5 / 10 06/14/11
GameSpot Sync - Alice: Madness Returns, Duke Nukem Forever, Child of Eden 06/14/11
Shippin' Out June 12-18: Duke Nukem Forever 06/13/11
E3 2011: Duke Nukem Forever Damn It's Late Show Gameplay Movie 06/10/11
E3 2011: Duke Nukem Forever Credits and First Minutes Gameplay Movie 06/10/11
E3 2011: Duke Nukem Forever Duke Cave Gameplay Movie 06/10/11
E3 2011: Duke Nukem Forever Reactor Repair Gameplay Movie 06/10/11
E3 2011: Duke Nukem Forever Duke Museum Gameplay Movie 06/10/11
AU Shippin' Out June 6-June 10: Duke Nukem Forever 06/05/11
Asia Shippin' Out June 5-11: Infamous 2 06/05/11
Duke Nukem Forever Launch Trailer 06/02/11
Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club gets free multiplayer add-on 06/02/11
Duke Nukem Forever - Launch Trailer 06/02/11
Duke Nukem Forever Autopsy trailer 05/26/11
Duke Nukem Forever Video Preview: The Guns of Duke 05/26/11
This Week in Digital Downloads - Multiplayer is Up on PSN and Roll a D6 05/26/11
This Week on Xbox Live - Daggers and Dales, Fitness You Can't Cheat, and Lots of Trailers 05/26/11
Duke Nukem Forever Q&A - A Walking Armory 05/25/11
GameSpot Sync - Duke Nukem Forever, Modern Warfare 3 05/24/11
Duke Nukem Forever goes gold 05/24/11
GameSpot Presents: Now Playing - Duke Nukem (retro) 05/20/11
Duke Nukem Forever Behind the Scenes - Episode 2 05/17/11
Duke Nukem Forever demo drops June 3 for First-Access Club members 05/16/11
Duke Nukem Forever - Demo Announcement Trailer 05/16/11
This Week in Digital Downloads - Underground Aliens, Mechs, and Identity Protection 05/12/11
This Week on Xbox Live - Death by Mech, High-Scoring Downloads, and Magnetic Warfare 05/12/11
DNF Interview With Randy Pitchford 05/11/11
Duke Nukem Forever Interview With Randy Pitchford 05/09/11
GameSpot Sync - Duke Nukem Forever, PSN Drama 05/09/11
Duke Nukem Forever Updated Hands-On Preview - Multiplayer and Weapons 05/09/11
Duke Nukem Forever Multiplayer Interview 05/09/11
Video Game History Month: Duke Nukem 05/05/11
Video Game History Month: Randy Pitchford 05/05/11
Duke Nukem Forever - Shrinkage Trailer 05/05/11
Crosshairs--Child of Eden, Duke Nukem Forever 05/05/11
Duke Nukem Forever Updated Preview 04/29/11
Duke Nukem Forever - Come Get Some Trailer 04/22/11
Reality Check: Duke Nukem Forever Isn't Sexist 04/13/11
Duke Nukem Forever Questionarium 04/11/11
Duke Nukem Forever Questionarium 04/10/11
Duke Nukem Forever - Babes Trailer 04/08/11
Duke Nukem Forever - Behind the Scenes Video 04/07/11
Crosshairs-- Duke Nukem Forever, Bodycount, Spirit Hunters Inc. 04/06/11
Duke Nukem Forever Feces Trailer 04/01/11
Duke Nukem Forever What Would Duke Do? Episode 1 04/01/11
Duke Nukem Forever 'awfully sexist,' says Fox News 03/28/11
Duke Nukem Forever delayed 03/24/11
Duke Nukem Forever Delay Trailer 03/24/11
This Week on Xbox Live - Duke Nukem Forever Trailer and Dead Space 2 DLC Video Feature 03/03/11
Duke Nukem Forever Interview: The Legacy of Duke 02/11/11
D.I.C.E. 2011 Interactive Achievement Awards Wrap-up 02/11/11
Duke Nukem Forever CE detailed 02/11/11
Duke Nukem Forever rated Down Under 02/09/11
Duke Nukem Forever Updated Hands-On - Nostalgia, Weapons, and Ego 02/09/11
.asia Duke Nukem Forever community Q&A 01/23/11
Andrew's Shortlist of Upcoming PC Games for 2011 You Should Be Aware Of 01/21/11
Duke Nukem Forever US Release Date Trailer 01/21/11
Duke Nukem Forever UK Release Date Trailer 01/21/11
Duke Nukem Forever launches May 3 01/21/11
Aussie Censor Watch 2011 12/23/10
Year in Review 2010: Q4 12/09/10
Year in Review 2010: Q3 12/08/10
Duke Nukem Forever Interview With Randy Pitchford and Steve Gibson 10/31/10
Crosshairs--EB Games Vendor Show, Epic Mickey, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, and more 10/21/10
Gearbox approves fan-made Duke Nukem 3D remake 10/14/10
Duke Nukem Forever playable at Mana Bar 10/12/10
Duke Nukem Forever cost 3D Realms head up to $30 million - Pitchford 10/08/10
Duke Nukem Forever Q&A - Randy Pitchford 10/08/10
Early Duke Nukem Forever access bundled with Borderlands GOTY edition 10/05/10
Duke Nukem Forever demo incoming? 09/07/10
Gearbox acquires Duke Nukem IP 09/05/10
PAX 2010 Video Feature: Day One Daily Wrap-Up 09/04/10
Duke Nukem Forever PAX 2010 Interview: Randy Pitchford 09/04/10
Duke Nukem Forever Hands-On Impressions 09/03/10
Duke Nukem Forever shipping in 2011 on 360, PS3, PC 09/03/10
Duke Nukem Forever revived by Gearbox? 08/11/10
Duke Nukem D-Day revealed? 11/30/09
Greatest Game Hero: Duke Nukem 09/15/09
Gearbox was mystery developer behind Duke Begins 07/14/09
Take-Two was developing new Duke Nukem for '10 - Report 06/22/09
3D Realms still in business, $20M Duke Nukem Forever bill revealed 05/18/09
Take-Two sues Duke Nukem Forever dev 05/15/09
Duke Nukem Forever footage, screens surface 05/11/09
3D Realms closure confirmed, Take-Two retains Duke Nukem Forever publishing rights 05/06/09
New Duke Nukem Forever footage glimpsed 06/05/08
Duke Nukem Forever confirmed for '08--and 360/PS3? 02/06/08
Duke Nukem Forever Official Movie 1 12/19/07
Duke Nukem Forever resurfaces 12/18/07
Duke Nukem Forever resurfaces 01/26/07
Staff shift stirs 3D Realms 08/31/06
Broussard: We won't rush Duke Nukem Forever 06/13/06
Take-Two stock tanks, Duke Nukem Forever due by Dec. 31? 06/09/06
Ageia acquires Meqon Research AB 09/01/05
MIA @ E3 2005 05/20/05
Rumor Control: Half-Life 2 gold (for real) and the PStwo ships early 10/15/04
3D Realms denies Duke Nukem Forever using Doom 3 engine 09/10/04
Rumor Control: Xbox 2 controllers and visions of the PStwo 09/03/04
Rumor Control: GameCube EyeToy and the Spider-Man 2 demo debacle 06/04/04
No Duke Nukem Forever 'til 2005? 12/18/03
Take-Two reveals new games in lineup 05/29/03
Take-Two confirms PC Vice City and much more 12/17/02
Duke Nukem Forever not appearing at E3 05/02/02
Microsoft eyeing Duke Nukem and Max Payne? 12/07/01
Take-Two talks Duke Nukem 08/29/01
GOD moves to New York 08/09/01
Duke Nukem Forever heading to Mac 07/18/01
E3 2001: New Duke Nukem Forever Trailer 05/17/01
Duke Nukem Forever Official Trailer E3 2001 05/17/01
Duke Nukem Forever announced for GameCube 05/14/01
Duke Nukem: The Movie 03/19/01
GOD Grabs Duke Nukem 12/05/00
Duke Nukem 4 Shots 11/01/99