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Judge Dredd: Dredd VS Death


Unlock Everything

Make a new profile with "REBELLION" as the name.

Contributed By: EXanadu.


Unlock Judge Hershey and Judge Anderson in Multiplayer Mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
complete Arcade: Zombie Apocalypse with a Judge Dredd rankingJudge Anderson
complete Arcade: Public Relations with a Judge Dredd rankingJudge Hershey

Contributed By: nyiaor2.

Unlock Multiplayer Characters

Complete a chapter in Story mode to unlock additional characters for Battle (Multiplayer) mode.

You can earn one of five ranks when you complete a chapter. From lowest ranking to highest ranking: Cadet, Rookie, Street Judge, Senior Judge, Judge Dredd.

Earning a rank will automatically unlock any characters available at a lower rank. If you get a Street Judge ranking you will also unlock the Cadet and Rookie characters.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
complete Icarus Labs, Rookie rankingBusiness Female
complete Smokatorium, Senior Judge rankingBusiness Female Undead
complete Smokatorium, Street Judge rankingBusiness Male Undead
complete Halls of Justice, Judge Dredd rankingCadet
complete Smokatorium, Rookie rankingCasual Female
complete Smokatorium, Cadet rankingCasual Male
complete Undercity, Rookie rankingCasual Undead Female
complete Undercity, Cadet rankingCasual Undead Male
complete Deadworld, Cadet rankingCharred Skeleton
complete Mean Streets, Judge Dredd rankingCult Assassin
complete Undercity, Senior Judge rankingCult Guard
complete Undercity, Street Judge rankingCult Priest
complete Mean Streets, Cadet rankingCybergoth A
complete Mean Streets, Rookie rankingCybergoth B
complete Icarus Labs, Judge Dredd rankingDr Icarus
complete Resyk, Senior Judge ratingEldster Female Undead
complete Resyk, Street Judge ratingEldster Male Undead
complete Mean Streets, Street Judge rankingFemale Cult Disciple
complete The Docks, Senior Judge rankingFemale Hood
complete Nixon Penitentiary, Rookie rankingFemale Hood Inmate
complete Deadworld, Street Judge rankingFemale Psi Judge
complete Ryder Mega-Mall, Cadet rankingFemale Punk
complete Nixon Penitentiary, Senior Judge rankingFemale Punk Inmate
complete Halls of Justice, Rookie rankingFemale Scrawler
complete The Docks, Rookie rankingFemale Vagrant
complete Clooney Hospital, Cadet rankingHospital Worker
complete Deadworld, Judge Dredd rankingJudge Death
complete Undercity, Judge Dredd rankingJudge Fear
complete Smokatorium, Judge Dredd rankingJudge Fire
complete Clooney Hospital, Judge Dredd rankingJudge Mortis
complete Deadworld, Senior Judge rankingJudge Rico
complete Ryder Mega-Mall, Street Judge RankingLarge Undead
complete Mean Streets, Senior Judge rankingMale Cult Disciple
complete The Docks, Street Judge rankingMale Hood
complete Nixon Penitentiary, Cadet rankingMale Hood Inmate
complete Resyk, Judge Dredd ratingMale Judge Undead
complete Deadworld, Rookie rankingMale Psi Judge
complete Ryder Mega-Mall, Rookie rankingMale Punk
complete Nixon Penitentiary, Street Judge rankingMale Punk Inmate
complete Halls of Justice, Cadet rankingMale Scrawler
complete The Docks, Cadet rankingMale Vagrant
complete Nixon Penitentiary, Judge Dredd rankingMed Judge
complete Clooney Hospital, Rookie rankingMed Judge Undead
complete The Docks, Judge Dredd rankingNecrus
complete Icarus Labs, Cadet RankingRegen Worker
complete Resyk, Cadet ratingResyk Worker
complete Ryder Mega-Mall, Judge Dredd RankingSJS Judge
complete Ryder Mega-Mall, Senior Judge RankingSkinny Undead
complete Halls of Justice, Street Judge rankingSuit A
complete Halls of Justice, Senior Judge rankingSuit B
complete Clooney Hospital, Senior Judge rankingTek Judge
complete Clooney Hospital, Street Judge rankingUndead Hospital Worker
complete Resyk, Rookie ratingUndead Resyk Worker
complete Icarus Labs, Senior Judge rankingVampire Female
complete Icarus Labs, Street Judge rankingVampire Male

Contributed By: nyiaor2.

Unlock the Arcade levels

Complete a chapter in Story mode to unlock an Arcade level

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Chapter 1: The Halls of JusticeBlock War
Complete Chapter 8: SmokatoriumBreakout
Complete Chapter 2: Nixon PenitentiaryDeMarco PI
Complete Chapter 10: UndercityEscort Duty
Complete Chapter 3: The DocksFugitive
Complete Chapter 4: Ryder Mega-MallNight Shift
Complete Chapter 5: Icarus LabsPublic Relations
Complete Chapter 6: Mean StreetsRiot
Complete Chapter 11: DeadworldTraining Day
Complete Chapter 9: ResykVisiting Hours
Complete Chapter 7: Clooney HospitalZombie Apocalypse

Contributed By: nyiaor2.

Unlock the Cheats

complete an Arcade level with a Judge Dredd ranking to unlock a Cheat

UnlockableHow to Unlock
complete Arcade level DeMarco PIDeformed Mode
complete Arcade level Night ShiftGhost
complete Arcade level RiotHeadless
complete Arcade level Escort DutyInfinite Ammo
complete Arcade level Visiting HoursInfinite Lawmeter
complete Arcade level Training DayInfinite Medi-paks
complete Arcade level Block WarLow Gravity Ragdoll
complete Arcade level Walter's Wobot WampageMirror World
complete Arcade level FugitivePinhead
complete Arcade level BreakoutTouch of Mortis

Contributed By: nyiaor2.