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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


Cheat Codes

In your game dir edit swkotor.ini and under [Game Options] add EnableCheats=1 then when playing press ~ to bring down console and enter any of these cheats below:
(number) = eg. 10 up to 999
The ''giveitem'' code must be included in these in order for some of the item codes to work. Example: ''giveitem g_w_lghtsbr01'' , ''giveitem g_w_mstrrobe06''

adddarkside (number)add dark side
addlevel (number)add level
addlightside (number)add light side
addexp (number)add xp
giveitem g_i_belt011Adrenaline stimulator
giveitem g_i_mask09Advanced Aural Amplifier
infiniteusesAll limited use items now never expire.
giveitem g_i_mask08Aural Amplifier
giveitem g_i_implant301Bavakar cardio package
giveitem g_i_implant303Bavakar memory chip
giveitem g_i_implant302Bavakar reflex enhancer
giveitem g_i_implant309Beemon package
giveitem g_i_implant304Bio-Antidote package
giveitem g_i_implant201Biotech package
giveitem g_i_mask03Bothan Perception Visor
giveitem g_i_mask05Bothan Sensory Visor
giveitem g_i_mask12Breath Mask
giveitem g_i_belt009Calrissians utility belt
giveitem g_i_implant305Cardio power system
dancedancemalakChanges Darth Malak into a Female Dancing Twi'lek
turboCharacters move three times normal speed.
giveitem g_i_mask22Circlet of Saresh
giveitem g_i_belt012CNS strength enhancer
giveitem g_i_mask18Combat Sensor
giveitem g_i_implant310Cyber reaction system
giveitem g_i_mask17Demolitions Sensor
giveitem g_i_implant104Done
giveitem g_i_belt013Electrical capacitance belt
giveitem g_i_belt010Eriado stealth unit
g_i_implant101Give Cardio Package (Implants)
giveitem g_i_implant101Give Cardio Package (Implants)
givecredits (number)give money
giverepairGives 100 Advanced Repair Kits
givecomspikesGives 100 computer spikes.
givemedGives 99 advanced medpacs
givepartsGives 99 parts
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl14Gives Blue Color Crystal
giveitem g_w_lghtsbr01Gives Blue Saber
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl11Gives Bondar Crystal
giveitem g_a_class9009Gives Cassus Fett's Armor (Feel free to try other number for different armor)
g_a_class9009Gives Cassus Fett's Armor (Feel free to try other number for different armor)
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl02Gives Damind Crystal
giveitem g_w_lghtsbr06Gives Darth Malak's Light Saber
g_w_lghtsbr06Gives Darth Malak's Light Saber
g_a_mstrrobe06Gives Darth Revan Robe (01=Master Jedi Robe)
giveitem g_a_mstrrobe06Gives Darth Revan Robe (01=Master Jedi Robe)
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl03Gives Eralam Crystal
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl10Gives Firkrann Crystal
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl16Gives Green Color Crystal
giveitem g_w_lghtsbr03Gives Green Saber
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl07Gives Jenruaux Crystal
g_w_lghtsbr01Gives Light Saber (01=blue, 02=red, etc)
g_i_mask01Gives Light-Scan Visor (Try 02, 03, etc... for others head gear)
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl09Gives Luxum Crystal
giveitem g_w_lghtsbr06Gives Malak's Saber
g_i_trapkit001Gives Mines
giveitem g_i_trapkit001Gives Mines
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl05Gives Nextor Crystal
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl06Gives Opila Crystal
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl08Gives Phond Crystal
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl18Gives Red Color Crystal
giveitem g_w_lghtsbr02Gives Red Saber
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl01Gives Rubat Crystal
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl01Gives Saber Crsytal
g_w_sbrcrstl01Gives Saber Crsytal
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl04Gives Sapith Crystal
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl12Gives Sigil Crystal
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl19Gives Solari Crystal
g_i_belt010Gives Stealth Field Generator (Try another numbers for different belts)
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl13Gives Upari Crystal
giveitem kas25_wookcrystagives upari wookie amulet
giveitem g_i_upgrade001Gives Upgrade items
g_i_upgrade001Gives upgrade items
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl17Gives Violet Color Crystal
giveitem g_w_lghtsbr05Gives Violet Saber
giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl15Gives Yellow Color Crystal
giveitem g_w_lghtsbr04Gives Yellow Saber
giveitem g_a_class6005Gives you Arkanian Bond Armor
giveitem g_a_class4004Gives you Cinnagar Weave Armor
giveitem g_a_class5006Gives you Ulic Qel Droma's mesh suit
invulnerability (number)god mode
giveitem g_i_implant306Gordolan reaction system
giveitem g_i_mask16Interface Band
giveitem g_i_mask21Interface visor
giveitem g_a_class9007Jurgan Kata's power suit
giveitem g_i_mask01Light Scan Visor
giveitem g_a_class9010Mandalorian assault armor
giveitem g_i_implant103Memory package
giveitem g_i_mask02Motion Detection Goggles
giveitem g_i_implant307Navardan regenerator
giveitem g_i_implant203Nerve enhancement package
giveitem g_i_mask10Neural Band
giveitem g_i_mask23Pistol targetting optics
giveitem g_i_implant102Responce package
giveitem g_i_implant202Retinal combat implant
revealmapReveals the entire map (Press M)
setconstitution (number)set consitution
setdexterity (number)set dexterity
setcharisma (number)set harisma
setintelligence (number)set intilligence
setstrength (number)set strength
setwisdom (number)set wisdom
setawareness numberSets Awareness Skill Level
setcomputeruse numberSets Computer Use Skill Level
setdemolitions numberSets Demolitions Skill Level
setpersuade numberSets Persuade Skill Level
setrepair numberSets Repair Skill Level
setsecurity numberSets Security Skill Level
setstealth numberSets Stealth Skill Level
settreatinjury numberSets Treat Injury Skill Level
giveitem g_i_mask14Sith Mask
giveitem g_i_implant308Sith regenerator
giveitem g_i_mask07Sonic Nullifiers
giveitem g_i_mask15Stabilizer Mask
giveitem g_i_mask19Stealth Field Enhancer
giveitem g_i_mask20Stealth field reinforcement
giveitem g_i_mask13Teta's Royal Band
giveitem g_i_implant204The party selection screen available
giveitem g_i_belt014Thermal shield generator
giveitem g_i_mask06Vacuum Mask
giveitem g_i_mask11Verpine Headband
giveitem g_i_mask04Verpine Ocular Enhancer

Contributed By: LightMoon, Kung Fu Tiger, Infinity Paradox, DWMK, Timmaaaaaaaaaaa, NeMy, blimpoe99, Xotiexuus, and MarcThePoolBoy.

More items

At the console type the following after the "giveitem" cheat

g1_w_hvrptbltr01Baragwin Heavy Repeating Blaster
tat18_dragonprlKryaat Dragon Pearl
ptar_sitharmorSith Armor
g_a_mstrrobe07Star Forge robes

Contributed By: Matias1_G.

Pazaak Cards

Adds Pazaak cards and decks to your inventory.

giveitem g_i_pazdeckPazaak Deck
giveitem g_i_pazsidebd001Pazaak Side Deck
giveitem g_i_pazcard_007Pazzak Card -1
giveitem g_i_pazcard_008Pazzak Card -2
giveitem g_i_pazcard_009Pazzak Card -3
giveitem g_i_pazcard_010Pazzak Card -4
giveitem g_i_pazcard_011Pazzak Card -5
giveitem g_i_pazcard_012Pazzak Card -6
giveitem g_i_pazcard_013Pazzak Card +/-1
giveitem g_i_pazcard_014Pazzak Card +/-2
giveitem g_i_pazcard_015Pazzak Card +/-3
giveitem g_i_pazcard_016Pazzak Card +/-4
giveitem g_i_pazcard_017Pazzak Card +/-5
giveitem g_i_pazcard_018Pazzak Card +/-6
giveitem g_i_pazcard_001Pazzak Card +1
giveitem g_i_pazcard_002Pazzak Card +2
giveitem g_i_pazcard_003Pazzak Card +3
giveitem g_i_pazcard_004Pazzak Card +4
giveitem g_i_pazcard_005Pazzak Card +5
giveitem g_i_pazcard_006Pazzak Card +6

Contributed By: JPKENNEY.


2 Bendak Starkiller Blasters

When you beat Twitch on Taris in the tournament, dont talk to the Hutt to receive your reward. Instead, speak to Bendak and accept his challenge, then you may talk to the Hutt. He won't mention a reward for defeating Twitch, just his excitement over you fighting Bendak. After your victory over Bendak, speak to the Hutt, and you will receive your reward, but be sure to speak to him again, and you will receive another reward, including another Bendak Blaster.

Contributed By: BLATSPLAT.

Extra Carth's Blaster

On Leviathan, there will be a brief cut-scene in which Carth fires his blaster at Malak. Before this, equip him with dual melee weapons. After the scene, his blaster will appear twice in the inventory.

Contributed By: penguin_templar.

Infinite Dark Side Points

After you receive the Star Map on Manaan, talk to Roland Wann, the Republic commander. Ask him if he will give you a bribe. Do this as much as you want. Each time you finish the conversation after asking this question, you will receive Dark Side points.

Contributed By: InstantDeath.

Unlimited Credits

When your character gets to Korriban, head to the Sith academy, outside the tombs (where the archeologists are) and be sure to take Juhani with you. There is a character off to the left in the Valley of the Dark Lords named Dak Vesser.

Ask him who he is and Juhani will recognize him as a lost Jedi lover. Dak is bitter and will leave and be in the cantina. Go there and talk with him WITHOUT Juhani. You will be able to tell him that you are going to kill him and you will fight. After you kill him, collect his remains, including 150 credits and a lightsaber crystal.

Now go out of the cantina and take a left to the valley where the entrance to the Sith Academy is, and turn right back around and go into the cantina again. Dak should be alive (as long as Juhani is not with you), so you can talk to him and kill him over and over again! The lightsaber crystals you get from Dak are worth nearly 2000 credits each on Yavin 4. You also receive a lot of Dark Side points if you opt to do this.

Contributed By: SSJSonGoku.

Easter Eggs

Bastila's Underwear

Any time in the game if you put dark jedi robes on Bastila and then take them off her underwear changes. To change the underwear back just put light jedi robes on and it will return to normal.

Contributed By: jakydaxter.


View the Cheat List

While playing , press TAB while holding the ~ button. This will you give you a cheat list at the left side of the screen.

Contributed By: Kenshin HimuraX.