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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone



Enter the following codes during gameplay:

harrynormaljumpReset jump height

Contributed By: Starky27.

Fly and Walk Through Walls

While playing the game, type "harrydebugmodeon". It may not work the first time, but keep trying. Then press the ~ key. Here, enter "set engine.playerpawn bcheatsenabled true" and press enter. Then type the following:

WalkDisables "fly" and "ghost" mode.
GhostFly and go through walls, ceilings, and certain floors. Also works while on broom.
FlyUse jump buttons and arrow keys to fly.

Contributed By: 802sirius.

Jump Higher

During the game, type in harrysuperjump.

Contributed By: Genis Irving.

Resore Health

During the game, type in harrygetsfullhealth

Contributed By: Genis Irving.

Turn on/off debug mode

During the game, type in harrydebugmodeon. To turn it off, press F7

Contributed By: Genis Irving.


Type these in during gameplay.

givebeansGain ## beans
giveseedsGain ## Fireseeds
givehousepointsGain ## Gryffindor points
giveallcardsGain all normal cards
killallKill Everything
quitQuit game
setspeedSet Harry run speed

Contributed By: The_Enthusiast.


Recieve the Harry Potter wizard card

Have all 24 witches and wizard cards and at least 250 Bertie Botts every flavor beans after you defeat Voldemort.

Contributed By: kcorby.


See Fred and George's 'Experiments'

At 4 locations throughout the game, meet with Fred and George Weasley and give them 25 Bertie Botts. Not only do you get Wizard Cards, but you'll see their practical joke at the end of the game.

Contributed By: Genis Irving.