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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon



Press the NUMBERPAD ENTER (the one in the bottom-right corner of the keyboard) to bring up the Console Window. Type the following cheats in and press ENTER to turn on the desired cheat.

refillAll Items
rockCapture Enemy Base
kit <kit file>Change your kit to specified file
chickenrunChicken Grenades
godCommit Suicide
rumbleoffDisable constant shaky screen
rumbleonEnable constant shaky screen
supermanGod Mode
hidecorpseHide corpse names
gogetemHunt down enemies
ammoInfinite Ammo
autoloseLose current mission
markMark location on map for teleport
mark2Mark location on map for teleport
runMove Faster
extremepaintballPaintball Mode
locReport current location
boomScreen shakes
setgama <0.0-1.0>Set gamma; default is 0.5
namesShow object names
eviltwinShow range of enemies and your team members in meters
showtexturepropsShow texture properties for objects
squirrelkiteSquirrel Launcher
teamsupermanTeam God Mode
teamshadowTeam Invisibility
spawnTeleport to preset locations
unlockheroUnlock Specialist
perfView debug counters
autowinWin Mission

Contributed By: NTsui, Undergrads2003, and Squall1779994.


No reloading each shot for bolt action rifles

When using a rifle that is bolt action(that is, you must eject the shot after every shot), a neat trick to avoiding that delay time is to lean left or right. When leaning left or right and shooting a bolt-action rifle, the delay time is non-existent, allowing you to shoot again right away. This can be useful early on if you like being a sniper, but the only rifle available to you is the M24.

Interesting note, while there is no delay time, you can hear the noises of you ejecting the shell.

Contributed By: Mr_Sociopath.

Unlock all missions!

In the main Ghost Recon Directory there is a XML document named unlocked_missions.xml and inside this file it lists all the missions you have unlocked. All you have to do is open the source code, erase everything and enter the following text:


Save this file as the original file name (unlocked_missions.xml) in the same directory and THERE! You can now access all the unlocked missions!

Contributed By: D.Stevens.

Unlock all Specialists

In the main Ghost Recon directory, there is a file called ''unlocked_heroes.xml''. Open this file with an editing program and replace the existing text. Save the file, and you should have access to all the specialists.


Contributed By: NTsui.