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Doom (1993)


Codes (PC Version Only)

IDDT (while looking at map)1st time: Show entire map, 2nd time: Show enemies
IDKFAAll keys and weapons
IDFAAll weapons
IDBEHOLDsBerserk pack
IDMYPOSDisplay Location
IDMYPOSDisplays your current position in X,Y coordinates.
IDCHOPPERSGet a chainsaw
fhhallKills all monsters in the level, excepting Lost Souls and the Icon of Sin. Note: This code will only work in Doom 95
IDBEHOLDlLight Amplification Goggles
fhshhMonsters do not notice players unless they are hurt or hear a shot Note: This code will only work in Doom 95
IDMUS##Plays music from Episode #, Mission #
IDBEHOLDrRadiation Suit
IDBEHOLDiTemp. Invisibility
IDBEHOLDvTemp. Invulnerability
IDSPISPOPDWalk through walls (No Clipping Mode)
IDCLEV##Warp to Episode #, Level #

Contributed By: UltamateX, BRIAN11, RockmanAndForte, Crips, Evil Penguin, Super Archer, Pyro Vesten, Robjoe1107, Cyber Akuma, and ELITECLASS.