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Mega Man Legends


Buster Attack Stat Glitch

During the course of the game, you can augment the stats on your Buster Gun with Buster Parts. If you switch Buster Parts just after firing some shots from it (while the shots are still on-screen), you can change the Attack power from the shots. For example, if you fired a volley of shots with a +3 Energy/Rapid stat (thus, six very fast shots), and swap to a Buster configuration with +7 Attack, you will find that, despite the stats changing, the volley of shots is just as numerous and fast as before, but they're actually much stronger now as a result.

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

Buster Gun Animation Canceling

When you fire your Buster when stationary, then begin moving soon after, this cancels the firing animation (and the internal timer that stops you from firing another shot), but the Buster still fires. You can make use of this by repeatedly tapping Up while standing still and firing at an enemy. Depending on how fast you manage to tap, you can, in effect, emulate a +2 or +3 Rapid stat on your Buster even if you're not equipped for that!

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

Infinite Zenny Glitch

This glitch can be executed after opening the Central Gate (the three doors in the Main Gate opened with the three Sub-City keys). Speak with Data there and say "I keep losing fights...", then "Yes" to his next question, and "No" to his next two questions. As a result, you can repeat this process infinitely, gaining 1,100 Zenny each time. (Note: If you say "Yes" to his third question - the second "No" question - you will earn a total of 56,100 Zenny, but can no longer get Zenny from Data.)

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.


Dark Megaman and a lot of Zenny

Towards the end of the game, during the car chase sidequest, pick up the case of zenny and exit using one of the gates instead of talking to the Inspector. This will turn you instantly into Dark Megaman. If you inspect the newspaper in the police lobby, it will record your evil deed.

Contributed By: Forte V4.

Easy Mode

Beat ''Hard Mode'' and go to the Title Screen (without resetting or turning the power off). A new difficulty level will be available under ''Options''. Save this new mode to complete the process.

Contributed By: megabassxz.

Hard Mode

Start a ''New Game'' and complete it. Once back at the Title Screen (Without turning the power off), ''Hard Mode'' will be under ''Options''. Save in this mode to complete the process.

Contributed By: megabassxz.

Unlock Hard Mode and Easy Mode at the same time

To unlock both Hard Mode and Easy Mode at the same time, beat Normal Mode under six hours. Then go to the Title Screen (without resetting or turning off the power) and go to ''Options''. Both Hard Mode and Easy Mode will be unlocked. Simply start a game on either one of them and save to complete the process.

Contributed By: megabassxz.