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X2: The Threat


Enable the Script Editor

The editor is a programming language itself and may alter your game in unexpected and unwanted ways if used improperly.

While flying a ship in space enter the following (note the capital T):

ThereshallbewingsEnable the Script Editor

Contributed By: Aro.


Unlimited Credits using in-game Script Editor

Firstly you will have to activate the script editor so during flight with no menus open type "Thereshallbewings". This is case sensitive and only the Shift key will work for the cap "T". If this is done correctly you should see the word "modified" in the top left corner. when this is done you:

1. Open the script editor (shortcut in "command console", Keys: S then C Then S again to reach editor)

2. Make a new script (Top of menu)

3. Name it whatever you want eg; Credits, Money etc.

4. Select New line (bottom of menu under "new Code")

5. In the "Trade" section look for "add money to player" line

6. Look for "number" in following menu

7. Make a big number (this will be the credits you will recieve each time you run the script, I set mine to 500,000,000 (Five hundred million))

8. When done save the script by exiting the menus and saving when prompted. Be aware that a second line that says "null" should appear automatically, this is normal.

9. Run the script by pressing "R" instead of "enter" whenever you need credits.

Note: the script will remain saved and will be available to other saved games with the script editor enabled.

Contributed By: 101Dave101.