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Ultima IX: Ascension


Max Mana!

Open your default.kmp file in the Ultima 9 folder and scroll down to [Cheat commands] and add in the following line:

alt+shift+m = recharge_manaMaximum mana, refilled anytime

Contributed By: Da_muffen_man.

To activate all cheats in Ultima Ascension

Open the Ultima Ascension folder, and find the file called default.kmp. Now open the file with a NotePad and add the following line: ''[Cheat Commands]'': (Copy and Paste these)

alt+shift+b = pass_one_hour
alt+shift+d = sunrise_sunset
alt+shift+e = pass_one_minute
alt+shift+f = unpass_one_minute
alt+shift+k = toggle_avatar_fly
alt+shift+a = toggle_avatar_invulnerable
alt+shift+g = toggle_sun
alt+shift+h = toggle_wind
alt+shift+i = toggle_storms
alt+shift+c = unpass_one_hour
alt+shift+j = toggle_avatar_fast

Once you have pasted them, save the file. Now, when you start up the game, to activate these cheats, press:


Replace x with the following cheats you want on:

b- pass one hour
d- sunrise_sunset
e- pass_one_minute
f- unpass_one_minute
k- toggle_avatar_fly
a- toggle_avatar_invulnerable
g- toggle_sun
h- toggle_wind
i- toggle_storms
c- unpass_one_hour
j- toggle_avatar_fast

You can always turn off these cheats anytime by entering them again.

Contributed By: i007.

Easter Eggs


Right at the beginning of the game at the Avatars house, if you go outside to the hopscotch court you will see a rock. Climb up onto the rock and jump onto the frame of the dummy. When onto the dummy (can take practise) aim the crosshair above the fence and towards the tree on the other side of the fence. Jump, and you should be on the other side. Now that you're there walk around the tree to its far side. Look down at the base where the glass rises up and click around a bit. This will activate the teleporters. The ones closest to the fence change your armour while the further ones take you to major plot points.
(Unfortunately, while you can keep the armour, I have not found a way to get magic whilst playing through this way, and keep the armour.)

Contributed By: Da_muffen_man.