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Medieval: Total War


Cheat Codes

Type the following codes in strategic mode.

.badgerbunny.All Buildings Unlocked
.kidsmode.Easy AI
.worksundays.Fast Construction
.nuttermode.Hard AI (Cannot make alliances)
.mefoundsomecu.Lots of Copper
.mefoundsomeau.Lots of Gold
.viagra.Lots of Iron
.deadringer.Lots of Money
.mefoundsomeag.Lots of Silver
.conan.Play as Rebels
.matteosartori.Show All Map

Contributed By: Sarxos, Gallavant, and Zeality.


Debug Mode

To access debug mode, place -ian after the command line in the launcher shortcut. This enables a few options.

To switch factions at will, hold shift and press 0-9 to switch factions.

To have the AI run the game, press toggle A.

To see everything, press G.

Contributed By: Zeality.