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Protovision Game Server

joshuaTo access the protovision game server

Contributed By: omlette.


Cheat Menu

To open up a cheat menu, do the following:

Make a player called ''TooManySecrets''
Then, Press F1 while playing the game on that user account.

Note: This was removed in the version 1.2 patch.

Contributed By: omlette.

Cheat Menu for the FBI Mod

If you have the FBI mod, make your name CharlieBean (no spaces) and hit F1

Contributed By: BMW540wagon.

Destroy Computer

when accesing any Internal machine, click on admin, then click on console and type...<p />cd usr
cd log
cd sys

Contributed By: BMW540wagon.

Hidden Treasure

Carefully pry open the back of your game case and there will be a white piece of paper. Pull it out to reveal a special message.

Contributed By: omlette.