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Descent 3


Cheat Codes

Enter these while playing:

DeadOfNightDestroys all the enemy robots in the level
gowingnutDrop Shields & Energy to 1
gabbagabbaheyDrop Shields & Energy to 1
ByeByeMonkeyEnables third-person chase cam
ShananigansEnables weird texture mode
TesticusGives you a Cloaking device
IveGotItGives you all weapons and max energy/shield
TubeRacerInflicts damage on your ship
MoreClangJump to another level
TeletubbiesPut's a baby face on the sun (like Teletubbies)
TreeSquidReveals the entire map
FramelengthShow Frame rate (in FPS)
BurgerGodToggles ''God'' mode

Contributed By: Vyse the Legend and TubeRacer.

Shareware/Demo Version Codes

weirdtextureCool Texture Mode
freeitupDestroy All Enemies in Mine
blimpiebestShield, Energy, Weapons, & Ammo
longchimpToggle Chase Camera Mode
aphroditeToggle Cloak
yummyfunyonToggle Invulnerability

Contributed By: TubeRacer.


Dopefish secret

To get this, when you start a new player profile,
enter DOPEFISH as the name.
Your profile picture should look like some guy
with his face painted like a green fish.
That fish is Dopefish.

Contributed By: DooMerGFQ.