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Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater


Misc. Codes

Press L to bring up the console window. Now type in the following command to activate cheat mode, then type the below codes to enable the cheats.

/tell cheatcheat

/tell hitlermodeEnemies Invincible
/tell ecEnemy camera
/tell fovsEnemy field of view
/tell flyFlight mode
/tell give (follow by 0-44)Get item (0-44)
/tell godmodeGod mode
/tell acGod mode + unlimited ammo and flight mode
/tell invisInvisibility
/tell losemissionLose mission
/tell arrivalRender arrival points
/tell astarRender astar paths
/tell cvdrawRender cover nodes
/tell pathdrawRender patrol paths
/tell wpdrawRender waypoints
/tell wpcondrawRender waypoints connection
/tell giveThompson M1
/tell nointToggle HUD
/tell ammoUnlimited ammo
/tell statsView game stats
/tell winmissionWin mission

Contributed By: monobrow.