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Uru: Ages Beyond Myst


Get into your neighborhood in Uru Prime

To get into the neighborhood in Uru Prime (offline, it is normally only accessible online), Link in to the balcony view of the Neighborhood. It is the second page of the book with the swirly image. Turn around and face the stone tablet. Walk (don't run) into the tablet and jump. You should now be standing on the base of the statue. Don't stop running or you'll fall off.

This part is very difficult. You must quickly turn around, turn on the caps lock to run, and jump. You are aiming to jump to the part where the circular railing meets the straight. If you do it right (it took me several tries), you'll just go over the balcony and fall into the city. If you are still having trouble, try to use the sidestep key to turn complete around and jump.

Contributed By: OmniTerra.

Easter Eggs

Open the Bevin Egg Room in To D'ni

Make sure the light garden lights are off, then put in this sequence: GOOGGO


Contributed By: grilox.