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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003


General Cheats

Enter the following passwords at the Cheat Code screen:

14COURSESUnlock Every Course
ALLTW3Unlock Every Golfer

Contributed By: Sportsman.

Unlock Individual Golfers

To unlock the following golfers, enter the following phrases as passwords at the Cheat Code screen:

XONBrad Faxon
IAM#1Cedric Andrews
GODFATHERDominic Donatello
JUSTINTIMEJustin Leonard
COWGIRLKelly Newman
CALCULATEMark Calcavecchia
TBMark O'Meara
YOYOYOMelvin Tanagawa
SOLITARY1Solita Lopez
SSSteve Stricker
SINKStewart Cink
ORANGESStuart Appleby
SUNDAYSuper Tiger
2TONTakeharu Moto
TYNOTy Tryon
VJSINGVijay Singh

Contributed By: Sportsman.


Easy Money

Create a course with all par 3 holes, then select stroke play and choose the player for the course you just created. Select the created course, choose to play all 18 holes and turn mulligans on. While playing keep doing mulligans until you get a hole in one. The first hole in one will be worth $30,000. Keep repeating the process on the other holes. As long as you do not exit the game, you will not have to give the first $30,000 back. Each hole in one after the first should be worth $1,500,000, and they do not have to be done back to back. It should take about $13,000,000 to get the stats up to all 100.

Contributed By: gsgreg.