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Cheat Codes

During gameplay enter the following codes for the desired effect.

ramboAll Weapons & Ammo
IDKFAAll Weapons Taken from Player
ravmapChange Map Mode
gimmejchaos device
cockadoodledooChicken Mode
engage41Deathmatch Level
ponceFull Health
gimmez0Gives you five of everything
quickenGod Mode
IDDQDInstant Death
massacreKill All Monsters in Level
engage(episode number level number)Level Select
gimmehMorph Ovum
gimmedMystic Urn
ravskelObtain all skeleton keys.
gimmecQuartz Flask
gimmeaRing of Invulnerability
noiseSound Debug
gimmegTime Bomb of the Ancients
shazamToggle Power-Up Mode
gimmeeTome of Power
tickerView Ticks Per Frame
kittyWalk Through Walls
gimmeiwings of wrath

Contributed By: MT0, TheBlindXiahou, metroid fan 2002, JagDogger2525, and DPTTM.