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Day of Defeat


Increase Framerate

Depending on your video card, this may or may not help your framrate much

Open your console
Type in command:
fps_max 100

*NOTE* 100 can be substituted for anything, but I use 100 and get about 70-85 FPS

Contributed By: The FuuJ.

Lighten the screen

*NOTE* Depending on current settings, the results could be anywhere from huge difference to minor change in shadow

Open console
type in lightgamma 0

This must be entered in every time you start your game, so it helps to bind it to a key!

Contributed By: The FuuJ.

Numerical Ping

To display numbers along with dots for latency on a server type -numericping in the shortcut's target line.

Contributed By: h4vok.

Turn Off Background Sounds

To turn off background sounds so you can hear footsteps and real fire better type stopsound in the console.

Contributed By: h4vok.