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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)



D - Donatello
L - Leonardo
M - Michaelangelo
R - Raphael
S - Shredder

LMSSLAlt. costume for Donatello (press special attack on char. select screen)
MSRLRAlt. Costume for Leonardo (press special attack on char. select screen)
MMMSLAlt. Costume for Michaelangelo (press special attack on char. select screen)
SMLSRAlt. Costume for Raphael (press special attack on char. select screen)
SLSRSAlternate sound effects
DRLDSAttack up for Donatello
LMLSDAttack up for Leonardo
MSRMMAttack up for Michelangelo
RDSRLAttack up for Raphael
LRLDDDefense up for Donatello
SSRSLDefense up for Leonardo
LSSDRDefense up for Michaelangelo
DSRRSDefense up for Raphael
SDDLSDouble power up effects for Donatello
LDDRSDouble power up effects for Leonardo
LMLMSDouble power up effects for Michaelangelo
DLDRSDouble power up effects for Raphael
LSDRMToy Database
MDMSLUnlimited Fire Shuriken and all food is pizza for Michaelangelo
SRRDMUnlimited Shuriken for Leonardo
LDRSMUnlocks Master Splinter

Contributed By: Starky27 and SpidermanJR.


Challenge mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Story mode with all four turtlesChallenge mode

Contributed By: Lagoona.

Versus mode characters

Characters that can be unlocked by completing the following tasks.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat him in Stage 1 in Raphael's story modeCasey Jones
Beat him in Stage 3 with any turtleEvil Turtlebot
Beat him in Challenge mode with any characterHamato Yoshi
Beat him in Stage 6 in Michelangelo's story modeHun
Beat him in Stage 6 with any turtleOroku Saki
Beat him in Stage 6 with any turtleShredder
Beat him in Dojo Stage 3 in Leonardo's story modeSplinter

Contributed By: Lagoona.