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Risen 2: Dark Waters


Unlock Test Mode

While playing Risen 2, blind type "pommes" to unlock test mode. The map screen will flash up and close while doing this. After unlocking test mode, press the "~" key to open the prompt window and enter additional codes.

give It_Diamondgives X amount of diamond
give It_Emeraldgives X amount of emerald
give It_Jadegives X amount of jade
give It_Rubygives X amount of ruby
give It_Salt Xgives X amount of salt
give It_Sand Xgives X amount of sand
give It_Sapphiregives X amount of sapphire
give It_Sugargives X amount of sugar
give It_Torch Xgives X amount of torches
give It_Bowlgives X number of ALL bowls
give It_Gobletgives X number of ALL goblets
give It_Idolgives X number of ALL idols
give It_Key Xgives X number of ALL keys
give It_Mapgives X number of ALL maps
give It_Maskgives X number of ALL masks
give It_Plategives X number of ALL plates
give It_Recipe Xgives X number of ALL recipes
give It_Bonesawgives X number of bone saws
give It_Coconut Xgives X number of coconuts
give It_Lockpickgives X number of lock picks
give It_Monkey Xgives X number of monkeys
give It_Parrot Xgives X number of parrots
give It_Pearlgives X number of pearls
give It_Pickaxegives X number of pickaxes
give It_Shovelgives X number of shovels
give It_Gold XXXgives XXX amount of gold
listlist of available commands

Contributed By: circnuib and Lord_Gamer_14.


Steam Achievements

Learned each skill onceAll-Rounder
Killed all alligators on Treasure IsleAlligator Jack
'Steelbeard's Artefact' completedArtefact Hunter
Killed 500 monstersBane of the Beasts
Killed 10 monstersBeginner
Killed 2000 monstersBig Game Hunter
Used parrot 5 timesBirdbrain
Learned everything about bladesBlademaster
'Following Garcia's Trail' completedBookworm
'A New Ship' completedCaptain
Acquired 100,000 goldCash Cow
'The Cunning Captain' completedCheese Knife
Killed 10 giant crabsCrab Catcher
Hit 10 times in one game in the shooting mini-gameCrack Shot
Killed 50 sea monstersDeep Sea Fisherman
'Garcia's Masquerade Uncovered' completedDetective
Dug up 50 treasuresDigger
Won drinking duel mini-game 10 timesDrunkard
Killed all gargoyles and gave their eggs to EldricExterminator
'The Gnome Eater' completedFriend of the Gnomes
'The Journey to the Underworld' completedGhost Pirate
Opened every deadly chest onceGrave Robber
Learned everything about firearmsGunslinger
'The Titan Weapon' completedHarpooner
'Find Steelbeard' completedHe Really Exists!
Drank first rumJust a little tipple...
Picked 100 locksKleptomaniac
'Rescue Patty!' completedKnight in Shining Armour
Collected 20 legendary itemsLegendary Hero
'Free Hawkins' completedLiberator
Set course for Treasure Isle for the first timeLong John Silver
'Defeat the Kraken' completedLord of the Tentacle
Acquired 300,000 goldMade of Money
Used monkey 20 timesMonkey Dance
Completed 250 questsMr Industrious
'The Split Soul' completedNecromancer
Killed 20 ambient animalsPet Cemetery
'Become a Pirate' completedPirate
'Four Muskets against Crow' completedPirate with Muskets
Won duel against SeverinProtector
'Ship's Equipment' completedProvisions Master
'The Marooned Sailor' completedRobinson Crusoe
Learned everything about cunningRogue
Travelled by ship 20 timesSeafarer
Acquired 1000 goldSkinflint
Collected 10 legendary itemsStoryteller
'The Air Temple' completedTemplar
'Kill Mara' completedThe Curse Is Broken!
'The Greedy Captain' completedThe Hand of God
'Chaka Datu's Legacy' completedThe Right Hand
Learned everything about toughnessTough Bastard
At least 5 crew members on the shipTour Guide
Found first treasure in the gameTreasure Hunter
'Build a Raft' completedTub Captain
'The Ancestors' Blessing' completedVoodoo Pirate
Learned everything about voodooVoodoo Wizard

Contributed By: Guard Master.