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Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit



Before starting a race, enter one of the following codes at any of the menus to enable the respective cheat: (you'll hear a 'whoosh' sound when entered correctly)
[The go## codes have a range between 00 and 21, using these also turns the traffic into the same vehicle overlay. Also, whatever car was selected will be displayed in the race results screen (i.e. Diablo SV or Corvette, etcetera)].
(note that none of the go codes work in Tournament or Knockout which also goes for madland)
(all the pursuit vehicle overlays have the exact same specs and are both fast and handle well but none of them have sirens - just the generic horns)

madlandAll cars are fast
macrAll pursuit mode cars
go04BMW 5 series
go03Cargo Truck
mercCLK GTR bonus car
ckjonesColored cars
dcopDiablo pursuit car
ecopEl Nino bonus car
elninorEl Nino pursuit car
empireEmpire City track
gofastFast car
go08Ford E-300 Van
go09Ford F-150 with Bed Cover
go00Generic Mercedes
go06Generic SUV
newcarsJaguar XJR-15 and secret police pursuit cars
jagJaguar XJR-15 car
go07Jeep Cherokee
go13Lotus/Mustang Hybrid (is pretty fast for a four speed)
go01Mazda Miata
go05Orange Muscle Car
bullhornPolice yell comments during chase
go17Pursuit Crown Victoria
go18Pursuit Peugeot 206 (or 106)
go20Pursuit Range Rover
go19Pursuit Small Car (looks like one of the pursuit vehicles used in England)
monkeyRace in manual transmission
rushhourRace with more traffic
go11Range Rover
go12School Bus
go21Supply Truck
go14 (might be go15)Taxi (handles well and plows through traffic!)
allcarsUnlocks All Prize Cars
43Voice on radio in single player mode

Contributed By: Kuja The Destructor, Dormouse, and Amyrakunejo.


To Unlock The Following, Complete Certain Tasks

NoteAcquiring Pursuit El Niño AND Pursuit Diablo SV requires Empire City unlocked.
Win the Knockout - BeginnerEmpire City Course
Win the Knockout - ExpertEmpire City Course AND El Niño
Note 3For Most Wanted and Top Cop, none of the race or opponent settings matter, but 4 laps is recommended for Top Cop.
Win the Tournament - BeginnerJaguar XJR-15
Win the Tournament - ExpertJaguar XJR-15 AND Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR
Achieve ticket quota on all tracks to be "Top Cop" In Hot Pursuit ModePursuit Diablo SV
Avoid arrest on all tracks to be "Most Wanted" In Hot Pursuit ModePursuit El Niño
Note 2Unlocking Pursuit El Niño also requires the race to be won in addition to avoiding arrest.

Contributed By: MarvThem and Amyrakunejo.


Unlock Jaguar XJR-15

Win the Beginner Tournament to unlock the Jaguar XJR-15.

Contributed By: Masamune3.

Unlock Mercedes CLK-GTR

Win the Expert Tournament to unlock the Mercedes CLK-GTR.

Contributed By: Masamune3.

Easter Eggs

Titanic ship in Aquatica!

When racing in Aquatica in Forward Direction, there is a dark seaside area close to the hairpin turn known as the "Orchard Hairpin". If you stop your car here and keep observing the ocean, you will find the Titanic ship sailing across the ocean after regular intervals of time.

Contributed By: Sundar Subramaniam.