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SMITE - Free-To-Play Nintendo Switch Official Trailer 02/22/19
Hi-Rez Staffer Fired After Child Predator Sting Arrest 02/05/19
Xbox One's Free Games With Gold For June 2018 Still Available 06/26/18
New Battle Royale Game Hits Steam, Looks Like Fortnite, And Lets You Ride Horses 06/05/18
New Free Xbox One Games With Gold Available Now 06/04/18
Xbox One's Free Games With Gold For June Confirmed 05/31/18
June 2018 Xbox One And 360 Free Games With Gold Announced 05/29/18
Xbox - June 2018 Games With Gold Trailer 05/29/18
Smite's Newly Overhauled Conquest Map And New Character Revealed 01/05/18
PS Plus Subscribers Can Now Grab Free Smite DLC On PS4 12/12/17
SMITE - Shadows Over Hercopolis Trailer 11/10/17
All Of Halloween 2017's Best In-Game Events And Updates - Overwatch, Pokemon Go, GTA 5, More 10/31/17
SMITE - 4.19 Patch Overview - Departure To The Afterlife 10/11/17
SMITE: Hand Of The Gods - Egyptian Starter Pack Codes Giveaway (PC) 09/18/17
Mortal Kombat-Inspired Skin Pulled From Smite Without Explanation 08/08/17
Giveaway: Hand Of The Gods: Smite Tactics Starter Pack Codes 08/05/17
SMITE - New Adventures - Trials of King Hercules 06/05/17
SMITE - God Reveal: Da Ji, The Nine Tailed Fox 05/24/17
SMITE: Bob Ross Sylvanus - The Joy of Ganking 05/04/17
Smite 4.8 Patch Notes Reveal A Bob Ross Skin 05/04/17
SMITE - God Announcement - Ganesha, God of Success 04/20/17
SMITE - Egyptian Pantheon Event: Celestial Voyage 03/28/17
New Smite Update Adds New Character, A Giant Walking Turtle Thing 02/09/17
Smite And Paladins Masters Qualifiers Come To Oceania 01/24/17
What's New in Smite Season 4 01/19/17
Smite and Paladins 2017 World Champions Crowned at Hi-Rez Expo 01/18/17
Smite's New 3.25 Patch Turns Raijin Into Donkey Kong 01/10/17
Smite's Strategy/Card Game Spinoff Enters Closed Beta Today 01/06/17
SMITE - Egyptian Clash Map Walkthrough Trailer 01/05/17
SMITE: Dev Talk - Season 4 Gameplay and Conquest Changes Trailer 01/05/17
SMITE - New Clash Map Reveal Trailer 01/05/17
Smite's Next Year of Content Outlined, Includes a Huge Number of Changes 01/05/17
Smite's Next Character Can Transform Into Any God on the Map 01/05/17
SMITE - The Morrigan, Phantom Queen Character Trailer 01/05/17
Smite Rivals: A New PC and Mobile Game From Hi-Rez Studios 01/05/17
SMITE - Ah Puch Chilling Grasp Skin Teaser Trailer 12/01/16
Smite's Next Patch Adds a New God and an Awesome Tier 5 Skin 12/01/16
Smite and Paladins Oceanic Teams Win World Championship Seats 11/28/16
Smite's Next Patch Adds Holiday Skins and an Updated Co-Op Mode 11/17/16
Smite Patch Introduces a New God, Adds Some Delightful Skins 11/03/16
All the Games With Halloween 2016 Events and Updates 10/28/16
SMITE - 3.20 Console Patch Overview: Cyber Sentinel 10/25/16
SMITE Tactics - Reveal Trailer 10/19/16
Smite Dev Reveals a Strategy Spinoff, Smite Tactics; Closed Beta Signups Now Live 10/19/16
Smite and Paladins Oceanic Championships Boast $65,000 Prize 10/18/16
SMITE - 3.19 Console Patch Overview: Terror of the Night 10/18/16
Smite Patch Makes PS4 Pro/Xbox One Scorpio Improvements, Adds Halloween Map 10/18/16
Smite's Next Patch Introduces a Giant Walking Bat and a Halloween Map 10/06/16
SMITE - 3.18 Console Patch Overview: Rising Flames 10/04/16
SMITE - New Skin for Erlang Shen: Monster Trainer 10/04/16
Smite PS4/Xbox One Patch Adds New Pokemon Trainer Skin 10/04/16
NBA's Philadelphia 76ers Just Made a Big Esports Move 09/26/16
Smite's Next Patch Features a Pokemon Trainer-Looking Skin 09/21/16
SMITE - 3.17 Console Patch Overview 09/20/16
Smite Xbox One/PS4 Update Brings Its New Co-op Mode and More Today 09/20/16
Smite's Next Patch Adds Its First Co-op Mode, Launches a New Event 09/08/16
SMITE: 3.16 Console Patch Overview - Fatal Awakening 09/07/16
New Smite Patch Offers That Ridiculous Corn Dog Skin for Free 08/30/16
SMITE - God Reveal: Izanami, Matron of the Dead 08/30/16
SMITE 3.16 Patch Overview - Fatal Awakening 08/30/16
New Smite Patch Adds a Hunter, Gives a Character a Giant Corn Dog Weapon 08/25/16
Watch Smite Oceania Pro League Finals This Weekend 08/18/16
SMITE - 3.15 Patch Overview: Under the Sea 08/16/16
Smite PS4/Xbox One Patch Adds a Character, Gives Another a Super Soaker 08/09/16
SMITE - 3.14 Console Patch Overview: Force of Nature 08/09/16
Smite's Next Patch Adds a Guardian Who Can Heal Teammates Across the Map 07/28/16
SMITE - God Reveal - Terra, The Earth Mother 07/28/16
Smite PS4/Xbox One Update Brings a New God, Big Character Changes, More 07/12/16
SMITE 3.12 Console Patch Overview - Mid Season Update 07/12/16
SMITE - God Reveal: Erlang Shen, the Illustrious Sage 07/06/16
Big Smite Patch Adds a Character and, More Importantly, a Giant Lobster Skin 07/06/16
Summer of SMITE 2016 Trailer 07/05/16
Smite Xbox One/PS4 Patch Details Include a Major Event and a Reworked God 06/03/16
SMITE - 3.9 Console Patch Overview - The Viking Invasion 06/03/16
SMITE: Behind the Scenes - Fafnir, Lord of Glittering Gold 06/02/16
Smite's Next Patch Adds a God Who Turns Into a Giant Dragon 06/02/16
SMITE - PS4 Launch Trailer 05/27/16
Smite's Official PS4 Launch Comes Later This Month 05/27/16
Smite 3.9 Patch Reworks a Character and Kicks Off the Viking Invasion Event 05/19/16
Smite Xbox One/PS4 Patch Adds an Assassin, Skins, and More 05/16/16
SMITE 3.8 Console Patch Overview - The Perfect Storm 05/16/16
SMITE - God Reveal Susano, God of the Summer Storm 05/06/16
Smite's Next Update Brings a New Character and Some Excellent Skins 05/06/16
Microsoft Highlighting Top Indie Games All Month Long 05/03/16
Next Smite PS4/Xbox One Patch Makes 60 FPS the Default, Adds New Character 04/22/16
SMITE: Jing Wei PC Code Giveaway 04/12/16
Smite Xbox One/PS4 Patch Adds Optional 60 FPS Mode, New God With Wolf Companion 04/11/16
Smite's Next PS4/Xbox One Patch Will Add 60 FPS Option 04/05/16
Today's Smite Xbox One/PS4 Patch Adds New God, Chocolate Easter Bunny Skin 03/16/16
SMITE Closed Alpha PS4 Code Giveaway 02/25/16
GS News Update: Smite Coming to PS4 02/19/16
SMITE - PS4 Gameplay Trailer 02/19/16
After PC and Xbox One, Smite Now Coming to PS4 02/19/16
Smite Gets A$100,000 Prize Pool For Oceania Pro League 2016 02/17/16
Smite Patch Rolls Out Its New Character, the Master of Thunder 02/12/16
Smite's New Daily Quest System Being Changed Already 02/04/16
Smite's Huge Season 3 Update Gets Patch Notes as It Goes Into Testing 01/21/16
Smite's New Xbox One Patch Reworks Ravana, Remodels Ne Zha, and More 01/15/16
SMITE Xbox The Reborn Prince Patch Overview 01/15/16
SMITE - Dev Talk Season 3 Gameplay Updates 01/14/16
Smite Is Dramatically Changing Active Items and Login Bonuses 01/14/16
Smite World Championship Winning Team Picks up $500,000 01/10/16
GS News Update: Smite Getting Japanese Characters and Chinese Map 01/07/16
Smite Adding New Character, Map, and Japanese Pantheon 01/07/16
Watch Smite's Gorgeous Cinematic Trailer 01/05/16
SMITE - Cinematic Trailer 01/05/16
Smite Patch Adds Clash Mode Permanently, Reworks a Recent Character 12/10/15
New Smite Xbox One Patch Adds Welcome Pack, Weakens Recent Characters 11/19/15
Holiday Xbox One Patch for SMITE 11/19/15
Smite Update Brings New Character, Limited-Time Mode Next Week 11/13/15
SMITE - Clash (New Game Mode) 10/30/15
Smite Adding a New Game Mode That You Can Test Right Now 10/29/15
SMITE - Solar Flare Xbox One Patch Overview 10/23/15
Smite's New Xbox One Patch Adds God, Halloween Map, Revamped Menu 10/23/15
Smite Patch Dials Back the Power of Its Newest Character, Sol 10/15/15
Take a Look at Smite's New Halloween Arena Map 10/09/15
SMITE - Halloween Arena Map Trailer 10/09/15
Smite's Next God and New, Halloween-Themed Arena Map Revealed 10/01/15
Smite Xbox One Patch Adds New Character, Skins, and More Today 09/30/15
SMITE - "The Indomitable Spirit" Xbox One Patch Overview 09/30/15
SMITE - Steam Release Trailer 09/08/15
League of Legends vs. Dota 2 vs. Smite vs. Heroes of the Storm - Which MOBA Is Right For You? 09/07/15
Smite - The Rising Dawn Xbox One Patch Overview 09/01/15
Big Xbox One Smite Patch Adds a New Character, Spectator Mode Today 08/31/15
PSA: Xbox One's First MOBA, Smite, Now Officially Available for Free 08/19/15
SMITE: Patch Overview - Celestial Wedding 08/18/15
New Smite Patch Introduces a Training Map, Weakens Its Newest Character 08/18/15
Volume, The Flock, Tales From The Borderlands, Trine 3 - New Releases 08/16/15
Xbox One's Smite Leaves Beta Next Week, Founder's Pack Going Away 08/13/15
Smite Developer Reveals New Shooter for PS4, Xbox One, and PC 08/03/15
Quick Look: SMITE 07/17/15
Smite - XBox One Beta Arena Mode Gameplay 07/09/15
SMITE - Open Beta Trailer 07/08/15
Xbox One's First MOBA Enters Open Beta Today 07/08/15
F1 2015, Smite, The Red Solstice, Rocket League - New Releases 07/05/15
SMITE - God Reveal: Ravana, The Demon King of Lanka 07/01/15
Smite Xbox One Producer Discusses Why MOBA Games Will Be Big on Consoles 06/28/15
GameSpot AU Competition: WIN a Smite Founders Pack for Xbox One 06/21/15
SMITE: God Reveal - Ratatoskr, The Sly Messenger 06/02/15
SMITE: Xbox One Beta - So It Begins Trailer 05/14/15
Xbox One's First MOBA Arrives Today in Closed Beta 05/14/15
SMITE - God Reveal: Ah Puch, Horrific God of Decay 04/28/15
SMITE - God Reveal: Medusa, The Gorgon 04/02/15
SMITE Dev Diary - Building a MOBA for Xbox One 03/02/15
SMITE - God Reveal: Bellona, Goddess of War 02/25/15
Smite Studio CEO Discusses Esports, Local Servers, and Bringing The Game to Xbox One 01/11/15
SMITE - Cinematic Trailer 01/06/15
SMITE - New Thanatos Skin: Archon 12/18/14
SMITE - God Reveal: Awilix, Goddess of the Moon 12/18/14
SMITE - God Reveal: Ao Kuang, Dragon King of the Eastern Seas 11/17/14
SMITE - Rama Skin: Orbital Strike 10/29/14
SMITE: God Reveal - Nox 10/29/14
SMITE - God Reveal: Kukulkan 09/10/14
The Best Free PC Games 09/06/14
SMITE - God Reveal: Cabrakan, Destroyer of Mountains 08/19/14
SMITE - God Reveal: Serqet, Goddess of Venom 07/14/14
SMITE: Fenrir Skin - Metal Carnage Trailer 06/24/14
SMITE - God Reveal: Rama, The 7th Avatar of Vishnu 06/24/14
SMITE - Ra'merica Skin Trailer 06/20/14
SMITE - Janus God Reveal 05/28/14
SMITE - Apollo Skin: Team Solomid 05/28/14
SMITE - New Skin: Mountain Man Odin 05/28/14
Free Games Friday for May 9, 2014 05/09/14
SMITE: Odin and The Huntsman Giveaway 05/09/14
SMITE giveaway, WildStar, Injustice: Gods Among Us and Blizzard freebies - Free Games Friday 05/09/14
SMITE: God Reveal - Osiris, Broken God of the Afterlife 05/05/14
SMITE - New Nemesis Skin: Blind Vengeance 05/01/14
SMITE - New Bastet Skin: Night Prowler 04/23/14
SMITE - God Reveal: Kumbhakarna, The Sleeping Giant 04/16/14
SMITE - God Reveal: Bastet, Goddess of Cats 04/08/14
SMITE - God Reveal - Ullr, The Glorious One 04/08/14
Smite Review: 8 / 10 03/25/14
SMITE - Cinematic Teaser 03/25/14
SMITE: Road to Release Developer Diary 03/20/14
SMITE - God Reveal: Scylla, Horror of the Deep 03/05/14
SMITE - God Reveal: Agni, God of Fire 02/19/14
SMITE - God Reveal: Nemesis, Goddess of Revenge 02/06/14
Smite Open Beta Review 01/29/14
SMITE - God Reveal: Geb, God of Earth 01/16/14
SMITE - God Reveal: Chaac, God of Rain 12/18/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Nu Wa, Guardian of Heaven 12/05/13
Smite release date announced 11/26/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Ah Muzen Cab, God of Bees 11/07/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Sun Wukong, The Monkey King 10/23/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Zhong Kui God, The Demon Queller 08/28/13
SMITE - New Conquest Art Trailer 08/14/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Tyr, The Lawgiver 08/07/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Chang'e, Faerie of the Moon 07/24/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Chronos, The Keeper of Time 07/12/13
SMITE - Patch Reveal Trailer 06/26/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Hun Batz, The Howler Monkey God 06/20/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Athena, Goddess of Wisdom 06/06/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Isis, Goddess of Magic 06/06/13
Weekly SMITE tournament series hosted in North America and Europe 05/13/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Fenrir, The Unbound 05/01/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Ne Zha, The Third Lotus Prince 04/18/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Apollo, God of Music 03/27/13
PAX East 2013: Twitch.tv Booth Tour 03/23/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty 03/13/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Poseidon, God of the Oceans 02/27/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Neith, Weaver of Fate 02/13/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Vulcan, Smith of the Gods 01/29/13
SMITE - Open Beta Reveal Trailer 01/24/13
SMITE - God Reveal: Xbalanque, The Hidden Jaguar Son 12/21/12
Now Playing: Smite 12/11/12
SMITE - Bacchus the God of Wine Trailer 11/15/12
SMITE - Know Your God: Anubis 11/01/12
SMITE - God Reveal: Loki, The Trickster God 10/31/12
SMITE gods are real Trailer 10/24/12
SMITE: Freya - The Queen of the Valkyries Trailer 10/17/12
SMITE: Ares - The God of War Trailer 10/02/12
SMITE: Manowar - The Sons of Odin Trailer 09/27/12
SMITE - God Reveal: Thor, God of Thunder 09/07/12
Smite at PAX Prime 2012 08/31/12
SMITE - God Reveal: Cupid, God of Love 08/17/12
SMITE - God Reveal: Anhur, Slayer of Enemies 08/03/12
SMITE - God Reveal: Bakasura, The Great Devourer 07/20/12
SMITE - Advanced Tutorial Video Part II 07/16/12
Deity-based MOBA SMITE will not use Jewish, Christian, Islamic figures 06/29/12
SMITE Gameplay Tutorial Video 06/20/12
Now Playing - SMITE 06/18/12