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Steam Achievements

Dig through a total of 10000 mineral squares in Arcade Mode.Beard for Business
Score at least 500 points in the Carnival minigameBronze Axe
Open 500 Caves in Arcade ModeCave Crasher
Dig through a total of 100000 squares in Arcade Mode.Diggy Kong
Get a score over 1 000 000 in Easy Arcade Mode!Eeeh?! Iisi Moodo?!
Have 50000 gold coins in arcade mode!For The Hoard
Score at least 2500 points in the Carnival minigameGold Axe
Hit only zombies, and at least five of them, in the Carnival minigameHeadshot!
Get a score over 1 000 000 in Normal Arcade Mode!Hip to be Square
Kill a Blob by luring him down a holeHole In One
Have 20 Outposts with Taverns in Arcade ModeIn The Business
Get awarded with Three Axes on every single ChallengeKing of the Caves
Have 5000 Diggers in all games totalLike Bunnies
Use Instant Seal on 10 Water- or Lava Caves within the same Arcade GameMicro Master
Get a cumulative total of 40k goldNot A War hammer
Hit only poles with all axes in the Carnival minigamePole Dancer
Survive a 60-minute Arcade Game on Hard- or Hardcore ModePro Arcader
Hit a target with every single axe in the Carnival minigameSharpshooter
Score at least 1000 points in the Carnival minigameSilver Axe
You've slain 60 BossesSlayer of Kings
Play the Carnival minigameStupid Achievement
Get a score over 1 000 000 in Hard Arcade Mode!The Rock
Get a score over 1 000 000 in Tedi Hardcore Arcade Mode!The Thickest Beard
Miss with every axe in the Carnival minigameTry Again
Manage to die in an arcade game in less than five seconds!Untimely Death
Have 50 Warriors at the same time in Arcade ModeWar Is On
Level a Warrior Dwarf to Level 20!Way of the Axe
Level a Digger Dwarf to Level 20!Way of the Pick
Hit only elves, and at least five of them, in the Carnival minigameYou Perv!

Contributed By: Guard Master, th3l3fty, and Eevee-Trainer.