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Dragon Age: Inquisition

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GS News Update: Dragon Age Producer Responds To Concerns About New Game's Reported "Live Elements" 02/01/18
Dragon Age Producer Responds To Concerns About New Game's Reported "Live Elements" 01/31/18
GS News Update: BioWare's Anthem Reportedly Delayed Until 2019, New Dragon Age Adding "Live Elements" 01/24/18
Dragon Age, Mass Effect Veteran Mike Laidlaw Leaves BioWare After 14 Years 10/13/17
Dragon Age Veteran Leaves BioWare; Xbox Boss Talks PS4 Crossplay - GS News 10/12/17
Dragon Age Director Leaves BioWare; Injustice On Switch? - GS News Roundup 10/12/17
Rust Refunded 330,000 Times; Miyamoto Was Worried About Odyssey! - GS News Roundup 06/30/17
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The Drawbacks of Adding Open Worlds to Popular Game Series 01/18/17
Star Wars, Battlefield, and More Discounted in PC Origin Sale 08/18/16
The Witcher 3, Star Wars Battlefront, and More Discounted in PC Origin Sale 06/16/16
Get 30% Off (Almost) Any PC Game on Origin Right Now 05/25/16
The BioWare Geese Have Hatched and Are on Their Way, Watch the Video Here 05/02/16
Dragon Age Producer Teases Something New, as BioWare Livestreams a Nesting Goose 04/26/16
EA PC Game Sale Discounts Star Wars Battlefront, FIFA 16, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and More 04/01/16
Mass Effect Dev Revealed New IP With T-Shirt, No One Noticed 03/21/16
GS News Update: BioWare Teases 'Dragon Age Tactics' 02/21/16
BioWare Producer Asks If You'd Play a Dragon Age "Tactics" Game 02/20/16
Dragon Age, Star Wars RPG Writer Leaves BioWare After 17 Years 01/22/16
GTA 5, Dragon Age, and More Discounted in PlayStation Essentials Sale 01/12/16
GS News Update: Software Pirates Worried That DRM Will Make Cracking Games Impossible! 01/07/16
Best PC Black Friday 2015 Game and Bundle Deals 11/25/15
Black Friday Deals Start Early on Amazon 11/02/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Game of the Year Edition Trailer 09/22/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition GOTY Edition Announced for PS4, Xbox One, PC 09/22/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition's Epilogue DLC Out Now, as BioWare Moves On 09/08/15
Here at the End: Dragon Age: Inquisition Director Discusses the Final DLC 09/02/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition In 2 Minutes 09/02/15
GS News Update: Dragon Age: Inquisition Getting Epilogue DLC and a Major Patch 08/30/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition Getting Epilogue DLC and a Major Patch 08/30/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent Review: 6 / 10 08/24/15
PSA: Dragon Age: Inquisition's Next Expansion Out Now, New Patch Released 08/11/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent DLC Trailer 08/05/15
Next Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Announced as Game Goes Free on EA Access 08/05/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition Contest Gives You the Chance to Make an In-Game Item 07/16/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition Free PC Version Released 07/15/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC No Longer Coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 07/07/15
Ride This Epic-Looking Beast in Dragon Age: Inquisition New DLC, Out Now 06/10/15
Sounds Like More Dragon Age: Inquisition Story DLC Is Coming 06/02/15
EA Offers Cross-Buy Support for Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC 05/28/15
PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360 Get Dragon Age: Inquisition's First DLC 05/27/15
BioWare Writer Talks Gay Romances and Sexual Diversity in Gaming 05/26/15
Dragon Age Dev Praises Witcher 3 05/19/15
GS News Top 5 - WoW Loses 3 Million Subscribers; $40 Witcher 3 Key Drama! 05/08/15
EA Revenue and Profit Climb, as Digital Continues to Shine 05/05/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Dragonslayer Trailer 05/05/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets Free DLC and New Patch 05/05/15
Free New Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Revealed for May 05/01/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition PS4 Jaws of Hakkon DLC Release Date Revealed 05/01/15
DLC Vs. Expansions: What’s the Difference, What’s Worth It? - The Gist 04/20/15
Get Dragon Age: Inquisition PC for $30 in New Origin Sale 04/02/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Hits PS4 and Last-Gen Consoles in May 03/30/15
PS4 Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC News Coming Next Week 03/27/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon Review: 7 / 10 03/27/15
BioWare Can't Say When Dragon Age Inquisition DLC Comes to PS4 03/25/15
GS News - YouTube Taking On Twitch; Beards Grow In The Witcher 3?! 03/24/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon Trailer 03/24/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition's First DLC Hits Xbox One 03/24/15
Next Dragon Age Inquisition Patch Improves Stability, Kills More Bugs 03/24/15
GS News - Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed Again; Dragon Age DLC Details! 03/23/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Comes First to Xbox One and PC 03/23/15
New Dragon Age: Inquisition Images Point to DLC Expansion 03/23/15
Dragon Age Inquisition Wins Another Game of the Year Award 03/15/15
Player Select: Identifying With Our Virtual Selves - A PAX Panel feat. Bioware 03/11/15
Xbox One Dragon Age: Inquisition Demo Available Now 03/11/15
Veteran Dragon Age Writer Moves to Secret New BioWare Project 03/03/15
GS News - Massive Patch For Dragon Age; Mad Max For Last-Gen Cancelled 03/03/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition's Big Patch 5 Detailed 03/03/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition Getting Biggest PC Patch to Date Soon 02/13/15
EA: No New Dragon Age In 2015, But "Huge Opportunity" For Franchise 02/09/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition A "Return To Form," BioWare Says 02/06/15
Dragon Age Inquisition Wins DICE 2015 Game of the Year 02/05/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition Is Now BioWare's Most Successful Launch Ever, But EA Sales Fall 01/27/15
Get Dragon Age: Inquisition's Tavern Songs Free Right Now 01/26/15
Dragon Age: Inquisition Honored by LGBT-Advocacy Group 01/23/15
Next Dragon Age: Inquisition PC Patch Revealed, Includes 40 Fixes and Tweaks 01/20/15
Check Out These Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon-Slaying Stats 01/15/15
Huge EA Origin PC Game Sale Starts Now 12/23/14
Game of the Year 2014 - The Deliberations 12/18/14
GS News - Dragon Age DLC Arrives; Red Dead Redemption 2? 12/17/14
Free and Paid Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Revealed 12/17/14
Get Dragon Age: Inquisition for $40 12/10/14
PS3 - Best Games of 2014 Nominees 12/09/14
Xbox 360 - Best Games of 2014 Nominees 12/09/14
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GameSpot's GOTY Nominee Show 2014 - The Lobby 12/09/14
Holiday Gift Guide - Five Games for Millennials 12/09/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch Imminent 12/09/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Wins GOTY at Game Awards 12/05/14
How BioWare Created Dragon Age: Inquisition's Trans Character 12/05/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition's Prologue Was Re-Written Seven Times 12/04/14
Game of the Month - November 2014 - Dragon Age: Inquisition 12/01/14
See our Game of the Month winner for November 2014 12/01/14
Get Dragon Age: Inquisition for $45 12/01/14
Reality Check - Why Do We Change Gender? Character Creation Psychology! (Part.2) 11/28/14
EA Advertising Dragon Age: Inquisition On Snapchat 11/28/14
Obscure Bug in Dragon Age: Inquisition Limits Companion Chat 11/27/14
Reality Check - What Are We Hiding? Character Creation Psychology! (Part.1) 11/21/14
What Could Make Dragon Age: Inquisition's Multiplayer Better? 11/21/14
Discussing the Classes, Companions, and Combat of Dragon Age: Inquisition 11/21/14
How GameSpot Scores Games: Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, Halo and More 11/19/14
Every Dragon Age: Inquisition Faction In 2 Minutes 11/19/14
GS News - Assassin’s Creed called Propaganda, Dragon Age Too Obscene? 11/18/14
This Week on The Lobby - GTA V, Far Cry 4 & Dragon Age: Inquisition 11/18/14
Far Cry 4, GTA V First Person, Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Lobby 11/18/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Not Coming To India Due To "Obscenity Laws" 11/18/14
The Gist - Top 5 Fantasy Game Worlds 11/17/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Gameplay Launch Trailer: A Wonderful World 11/17/14
Watch Dragon Age: Inquisition's "Wonderful World" Launch Trailer 11/17/14
AU New Releases: Dragon Age: Inquisition and Far Cry 4 Launch 11/16/14
Dragon Age Inquisition, Far Cry 4, Little Big Planet 3 - New Releases 11/16/14
GS News - Assassin’s Creed: Unity Mega-Bugs; Play New Dragon Age Now! 11/13/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Now Playing 11/13/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Trial Now Available Via EA Access On Xbox One 11/13/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Attempting to Slay the Northern Hunter Dragon 11/12/14
Quick Look: Dragon Age: Inquisition 11/12/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - A Mage Dealing with Bandits Gameplay 11/12/14
Walk Through Halls of BioWare Using Google Maps 11/12/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Review Roundup 11/11/14
PS4 Patch That Fixes Major Dragon Age: Inquisition Issue Should Hit Soon 11/11/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Video Review 11/11/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Review: 9 / 10 11/11/14
What Hardcore Fans Can Expect From Dragon Age: Inquisition 11/08/14
GS News - GTA V Has FPS Mode, Is Call of Duty Smoother On Xbox One? 11/04/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Choice & Consequence Trailer 11/04/14
Dragon Age Inquisition Began As A Multiplayer-Only Game 11/04/14
How to Play Dragon Age: Inquisition One Week Early on Xbox One 11/03/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Goes Gold 11/03/14
Will Dragon Age: Inquisition Restore the Faith? 11/03/14
Free Dragon Age Browser Game Fills in the Gap Between Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition 11/02/14
Dragon Age Keep Trailer 10/30/14
Video Explains How Dragon Age: Inquisition Lets You Carry Over Past Choices 10/30/14
Listen to Dragon Age: Inquisition's Theme Song 10/29/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Has Some Bizarre Sex Talk 10/23/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Gameplay Features: The Inquisitor & Followers 10/21/14
Watch New Dragon Age: Inquisition "Skyhold" Footage Right Now [UPDATE: IT'S OVER] 10/20/14
The Gist - 6 Awesome Games Still To Come In 2014 10/15/14
Returning Characters Shown in the New Dragon Age Inquisition Trailer 10/14/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Official Trailer - The Hero of Thedas 10/14/14
GS News Update: Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Run at 1080p on PlayStation 4, 900p on Xbox One 10/10/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Is 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One 10/10/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition PC Specs Announced 10/10/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - PC Trailer 10/10/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Has Up to 200 Hours' Worth of Content, BioWare Says 10/10/14
GS News Update: EA Giving Away Dragon Age: Origins for Free on PC 10/08/14
How Dragon Age: Inquisition Lets You Carry Over Your Past Choices 10/06/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Is BioWare's Most Challenging Project Yet, Dev Says 10/02/14
The Gist - Is EA's "Player-First" Culture Off To A Good Start? 10/01/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Crafting and Customization 10/01/14
New Dragon Age: Inquisition Video Shows What Kind of Characters You Can Create 09/30/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Gameplay Feature: Character Creation 09/30/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Character Creation and Gameplay 09/29/14
BioWare to Reveal New Dragon Age: Inquisition Region, Character Creation Tool, and More Today [UPDATE] 09/29/14
New Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshots Revealed Ahead of Livestream 09/29/14
The Gist - Are Game Delays Good Or Bad For Gamers? 09/24/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Be More Challenging Than Previous Dragon Age Games 09/24/14
GS News - Sony Braces For $2.1bn Loss; Halo: Reach Coming To Xbox One? 09/17/14
Four Things I Learned About Dragon Age: Inquisition's Multiplayer 08/30/14
GS News Top 5 - Dragon Age Multiplayer; Hackers Take Down PSN! 08/29/14
Why Dragon Age: Inquisition's Multiplayer Isn't Like Mass Effect 3 08/27/14
GS News - Dragon Age Gets Multiplayer; Legend of Zelda In Mario Kart! 08/27/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer 08/27/14
Check Out Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Gameplay Footage 08/27/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Has Multiplayer; First Details Revealed 08/26/14
Xbox's Phil Spencer Says Dragon Age: Inquisition Is "Perfect" BioWare Game 08/13/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Enemy of Thedas Trailer Gamescom 2014 08/13/14
GS News Update - Dragon Age: Inquisition Web App Delayed, Closed Beta Extended 07/30/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Web App Delayed, Closed Beta Extended 07/30/14
EA Announces $5/Month Xbox One Subscription Program; Gives You Unlimited Access to Games [UPDATE] 07/29/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Combat Trailer 07/29/14
GS News Top 5 - Google Buying Twitch For $1 BILLION; Huge Games Delayed! 07/25/14
GS News - New Dragon Age + Battlefield Delayed; Dota 2 Dishes $10.9 million! 07/22/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Delayed a Month, Will Release in November 07/22/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Has Straight, Bisexual, and Gay Romances Because They Tell Different Stories, BioWare Says 07/20/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition -- Here Are 14 More Minutes of Gameplay 07/11/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Series - E3 Demo Part Two: Redcliffe Castle 07/11/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition, the Baldur's Gate Legacy, and the Value of an Open World 07/11/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Hands-On Preview 07/11/14
Check Out 16 Minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Footage 07/09/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Series - E3 Demo Part One: The Hinterlands 07/09/14
BioWare Reveals More Details on Leliana's Return in Dragon Age: Inquisition 07/03/14
GS News - BioWare’s New Gay Character; Sony Supports PS4/Xbox Console War 07/01/14
Dragon Age Inquisition's Dorian Character is "Legitimately Gay," BioWare says 07/01/14
GS News Update: E3 2014: People's Choice Award Winners Announced 06/25/14
Best of E3 2014: People's Choice Award Winners Announced 06/25/14
Monster Hunting Game Evolve Tops E3 Game Critics Awards Nominees 06/24/14
Dragon Age: inquisition - Under the Horns 06/20/14
Freddie Prinze Jr. Voicing Dragon Age: Inquisition 06/20/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition Producer Clarifies "40 Major Endings" Comment 06/17/14
E3 2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition - Stand Together Trailer 06/13/14
E3 2014: GameSpot's Best of E3 2014 Winners 06/12/14
E3 2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition Offers 40 "Major Endings" 06/11/14
E3 2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition Stage Show 06/11/14
E3 2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition Overcomes the Many Problems of Its Predecessor 06/10/14
E3 2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition First Impressions 06/10/14
4 Things E3 2014 Is Trying to Tell You 06/10/14
E3 2014: EA Press Conference in 2 Minutes 06/09/14
E3: 2014 - EA Post Show Breakdown 06/09/14
E3 2014: Dragon Age Inquisition Game Demo at EA Press Conference 06/09/14
E3 2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Trailer at EA Press Conference 06/09/14
E3 2014: Dragon Age Inquisition: Stand Together Trailer at EA Press Conference 06/09/14
E3 2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer Showcases Environments, Combat 06/09/14
E3 2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer at Microsoft Press Conference 06/09/14
EA Bringing Titanfall, Dragon Age, and Battlefield to E3 06/06/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition's huge Inquisitor's Edition costs $170 05/13/14
GS News - Microsoft’s E3 Plans Unveiled; New Call of Duty Details! 05/05/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition writer on the necessary pain of cutting content 05/04/14
Dragon Age writer: We're not backing away from supporting queer gamers 05/02/14
New Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots, class details released 04/25/14
GS News Update: Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer gives glimpse of story, announces release date 04/22/14
GS News - Dragon Age: Inquisition Release Date + Uncharted 4 At E3?! 04/22/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition digital deluxe includes soundtrack, mounts 04/22/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Inquisitor Gameplay Trailer 04/22/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition release date announced, new gameplay trailer sets up the story 04/22/14
Balancing Freedom and Story in Dragon Age: Inquisition 04/22/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition for Xbox 360/PS3 won't look as good as Xbox One/PS4, but there's no gameplay compromises 04/22/14
GS News - Xbox One Working To Beat PS4; Last of Us Artist Quits! 04/21/14
GS News Update: Gender-neutral Dragon Age box art revealed 04/21/14
Gender-neutral Dragon Age: Inquisition box art revealed 04/21/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition for Xbox One and Xbox 360 might use Kinect for voice commands -- How should it work? 04/11/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition won't have DLC characters because of on-disc controversy 04/10/14
Going to PAX East? BioWare to discuss Dragon Age, Mass Effect at the event 04/09/14
GS News Top 5 - Death Threats For Oculus Devs; Dragon Age Details! 04/04/14
Check out this beautiful Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshot 04/03/14
Rumor: Dragon Age: Inquisition has 40 endings, five major regions 03/28/14
New Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots show epic dragon encounter - Report 03/23/14
GS News - Watch Dogs + Dark Souls II Release Dates Announced! 03/06/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Discover the Dragon Age 03/06/14
BioWare's first PS4, Xbox One game Dragon Age: Inquisition gets new trailer 03/06/14
BioWare lead writer on being gay and a developer 02/19/14
Dragon Age: Inquisition survey asks about multiplayer 02/06/14
GS News - Elaborate Watch Dogs prank and possible Nintendo Theme Park? 02/04/14
High-res Dragon Age: Inquisition Morrigan character model emerges 02/04/14
Dragon Age writer ponders romances; would you buy a BioWare game without sex? 01/24/14
BioWare won't put motion controls in Dragon Age: Inquisition unless it's a "good experience" 01/03/14
New IP from KOTOR, Mass Effect team at BioWare already playable. 12/20/13
How is Dragon Age: Inquisition shaping up? 12/19/13
Freemium Dragon Age hits iOS, Android with $99 microtransaction 12/05/13
GS News - Online gamers prefer Xbox 360, DA: Inquisition has "tasteful, mature" sex scenes 10/14/13
BioWare: Dragon Age Inquisition sex scenes will be "mature and tasteful" 10/14/13
Matthew Bromberg appointed as BioWare's new boss 09/10/13
BioWare releases more Dragon Age: Inquisition concept art 09/01/13
Dragon Age: Inquisition Says Goodbye to Claustrophobia, Hello to Tactical Combat 08/31/13
Qunari will be playable race in Dragon Age: Inquisition 08/31/13
BioWare details save import options for Dragon Age: Inquisition 08/29/13
Nobody Expects the Dragon Age Inquisition 08/20/13
EA announces free-to-play Dragon Age mobile spin-off - Report 08/19/13
BioWare writer: Industry not made up only of straight white men 08/13/13
Dragon Age: Inquisition won't feature Morrigan as a party member 08/13/13
GS News - Xbox One DVR only for Gold, DA: Inquisition details! 08/07/13
Dragon Age: Inquisition sees return of multiple player races 08/07/13
GS News - Xbox One Kinect to stay, Activision calls out immaturity 07/24/13
BioWare discusses "competition" with The Witcher 07/24/13
Frank Gibeau on next-gen transitions and mobile gaming 07/24/13
BioWare Journeys Down Under Panel - PAX Australia 2013 07/23/13
First Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshot 06/26/13
EA on why Dragon Age: Inquisition is not titled Dragon Age 3 06/25/13
Dragon Age Inquisition - E3 2013 EA Press Conference Trailer 06/10/13
Dragon Age: Inquisition delayed a year 06/10/13
New Dragon Age info arriving during EA's E3 2013 conference 06/09/13
Dragon Age III listed for Xbox One on Amazon 05/31/13
Next Mass Effect and Dragon Age games using Frostbite 3 03/28/13
BioWare: Next-gen leap 'won't be as obvious' 02/25/13
Sex in video games talk at GDC 02/15/13
Dragon Age III influenced by Skyrim 12/05/12
Dragon Age III for next-gen in 2014? 11/28/12
First Dragon Age III screenshot shown 11/15/12
The OzSpot 23/10/12: Dishonored, BioShock Infinite 10/22/12
GS News - BioWare releases DA III: Inquisition concept art 10/22/12
BioWare releases Dragon Age III: Inquisition concept art 10/22/12
GS News - Dragon Age III: Inquisition coming 2013 09/17/12
Dragon Age III: Inquisition hitting late 2013 09/17/12
Is Co-Op Play Coming to Consoles for Dragon Age III? 04/10/12
Dragon Age Gets Some New Digs at PAX East 2012 04/09/12
Dragon Age II: Exalted March expansion canceled 03/19/12
Next Dragon Age taking cues from Skyrim 12/20/11
Dragon Age: Redemption webseries due this year 07/21/11
New Dragon Age II DLC coming to Comic-Con 2011 06/21/11
BioWare hiring for Dragon Age III 05/20/11