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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines



Type 1982gonzo, then press:

[Ctrl] + [Shift] + XDestroy everything
[Ctrl] + IInvincibility
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + NMission skip
Shift + XMove the player to current cursor's position
[Shift] + VTrace user
[Alt] + YUnlimited ammunition, except for bombs

Contributed By: CGorman, IcEbOy16, and WhatsUp164.


Level Passwords

Enter the password for the appropriate language setting:

4JJXB02 (English)
YS2B702 (French)
4JJXB02 (German)
ZDD1T03 (English)
4MD1T03 (French)
ZDD1T03 (German)
RFF1J04 (English)
4GF1J04 (French)
RFF1J04 (German)
K4TCG05 (English)
24TCG05 (French)
K4TCG05 (German)
DT1WN06 (English)
QT1WN06 (French)
MIR4M06 (German)
IH3W107 (English)
1QVJV07 (French)
7QVJV07 (German)
52WJ708 (English)
P99XC08 (French)
K99XC08 (German)
924BF09 (English)
J1PBF09 (French)
AAAX109 (German)
PSGPW10 (English)
NU6PD10 (French)
JSGPW10 (German)
JF0P311 (English)
ND0PW11 (French)
CMODD11 (German)
4MB4D12 (English)
NMB4M12 (French)
JGHD312 (German)
BJK4Y13 (English)
JBK4V13 (French)
PUUWW13 (German)
TI8D114 (English)
EL34V14 (French)
WT34814 (German)
XQWDC15 (English)
69WDN15 (French)
139P015 (German)
EQIPY16 (French)
L9IPV16 (German)
R40JF17 (French)
5LIMV17 (German)
9DGJ718 (French)
YJOJG18 (German)
7FV4819 (French)
YFCWJ19 (German)
Q8U4V20 (French)
GDKWT20 (German)

Contributed By: CGorman and Hammerite Heretic.