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Strike Suit Zero


Steam Achievements

Fold point: Hit 20 weakpoints within the missonA dish served cold
Emergence: Destroy a cruiser before the beam cannon doesA good offence
Find and destroy a capital ship weak point.Achilles’ heel
Revenge: Take down all the ships before they reach the halfway pointAt last we will have revenge
Dogfight: Destroy 3 beam turrets inside the nebulaBeam me up
Unlock everythingCompletist
Blast 2 targets at once with the raptor's cannon.Double Shot
Beat the heroes of the fleet campaignExit simulation
Destroy your first enemy ship.First strike
Emergence: Fly too close to the sun and still win the gameIcarus again
No win scenario: Stop any torpedoes hitting the cruiserLike a shield of steel
Destroy a black fleet interceptor with rockets.Lucky strike
Fold point: Win the mission without losing more than 3,000 livesMaking omelettes
No win scenario: Die by ramming into a torpedo or the hull of a shipObey control
Reach the end of the gameSave earth
Get a better endingSave earth’s future
You can shoot the moon...we’re just not telling you how.Shoot the moon
Complete last mission inside 7 minutesStrike fast
Destroy 20 targets in strike modeStrike mode extended
Destroy 5 targets at once in strike mode.Strike suit combo
Unlock an upgrade.Strike suit evolved
Kill 3 or more targets with a single blast of the raptor's cannon.Strike Three
Customize your weapon load out.Tailor made
Survive a direct torpedo hit in the marauderTake one for the team
Destroy a corvette with a torpedoTorpedo 1 corvette zero
Transform into strike suit for the first time.Transformer
Dogfight: Kill 20 enemy fightersWipe them out. All of them

Contributed By: Guard Master and BGoldTLE.