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Steam Achievements

Collected the Golden disks.Ancient Memories
Threw Geddy into the clouds! How rude! (Secret)Bad boy
Cleared the Boguins' Cannon challenge.Flight of the Boguin
Tried to report to Asio at the first sign of trouble. (Secret)Good boy
Learned how to cope with the heat in Toby's hot spring. (Secret)Hot Spring Mastery
Played Otus's song on Bomboman's drums. (Secret)Music Master
Beat Geddy 1000 times. (Secret)Oops...
Listened to the shell near the old ruins. (Secret)Reminiscing
Collected Buccanary coins.Treasure Seeker
Collected all Buccanary coins.Treasure Seeker Grand Master
Unlocked every trinket from Buccanary's shop.Trinket Grand Master
Mastering trinket collection at Buccanary's!Trinket Master

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.