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Heroes of Might and Magic III


Cheat Mode

Before you start the game make sure you have a icon on your desktop. Right click on the icon go to properties. Add this to the comand line: /nwcgrail. Make sure to put space between the exe and the /. It would look like this: C:\3DO\Heroes3\HEROES3.EXE /nwcgrail also make sure the Start in: do not have any spacies. It would be like this C:\3DO\Heroes3. Start the game with that icon. Make sure the game is not in full screen mode. push F4 to go into window mode. The cheat menu will be in front of file

/nwcgrailCheat Menu

Contributed By: mwaldron22003.


To use the following codes, hit Tab, followed by whichever code you would like to use.

nwcfleshwound10 Death Knights in each empty creature slot
nwcavertingoureyes5 Archangels in each empty creature slot
nwcshrubberyAdditional gold and resources
nwcsirrobinAutomatically lose
nwctrojanrabbitAutomatically win
nwcphisherpriceBrighter colors
nwconlyamodelBuilds all town structures
nwcantiochHero gains all War Machines
nwctimHero gains full spell book and 999 magic
nwcigotbetterHero levels up
nwccastleanthraxMaximum luck for hero
nwcmuchrejoicingMaximum morale for hero
nwcalreadygotoneReveals the entire Grail map
nwcgeneraldirectionReveals the entire map
nwccoconutsUnlimited movement for hero

Contributed By: Black Rabite.