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Steam Achievements

Experienced the game in Virtual Reality.3D trendsetter
Rescued Tom.A Friend in Need
Talked to Samantha at HeadquartersA Time to Make Friends
Used Shadow Leap 50 timesA Transient Shadow
Made it through the club area at the AtlantisAfter Dark
Found the (not all that) secret announcement for a future project in the Tutorial.Brace yourselves …
Learned all the powers and their upgrades.Caine
Finished a challenge in less than three minutes.Challenge? That's not a challenge.
Found 7 PDAsData Collector
Visited the Geoforge ParksEnjoy Nature
Distributed 10 Power pointsExperienced Vampire
Completed the TutorialFull-Fledged
Finished DARK on "normal".Good average!
Finished the Harding Museum in less than 20 minutes.Guided tour, please!
Finished DARK on "hard".Hard core
Completed a level without raising an alarmJust a Ghost
Rescued Rose.Kiss From a Rose
Vampiric Powers used 50 timesKnow-It-All
Earned ten experience rewards for completing areas without raising the alarm.Must've Been the Wind
You met Blooming in the museum catacombs.Night at the Museum
Reached the ruins of SanctuaryNo Place to Hide
Finished a challenge without draining anyone.Now THAT's a challenge!
Finished a challenge.Pick thyself a challenge
Distributed 20 Power pointsPowerful Vampire
Pursued Samantha.Revenge!
Killed 50 unaware opponentsSilent Assassin
Finished DARK on "easy".Simply simple
You received your first blood - the first time is always something special …Tasted Blood
Killed 50 opponentsThe Great Silence
Subdued 5 opponents and Fed on themWhat's Going On Here?
Died during the Tutorial … that IS bad.Worst vampire ever!

Contributed By: Guard Master.