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Grim Dawn


Steam Achievements

Rid Cairn of 500,000 Monsters.A Wake of Carnage
Rid Cairn of 1,000,000 Monsters.An Ocean of Blood
Slay Darius Cronley.An Old Threat
Craft 10 items.Apprentice Crafter
Slay Karroz, Sigil of Ch'thon.Blood for Blood
Enlist the help of a Blacksmith.By the Malleum Menhir
Reach level 35.Champion
Complete the Game on Elite Difficulty.Champion of Cairn
Slay the Herald of Flame in the Conflagration.Cleansing the Conflagration
Rid Cairn of 100,000 Monsters.Cleansing the World
Uncover Darius Cronley's Secret.Cronley's Secret
Complete the Game.Defender of Cairn.
Slay Warden Krieg in the Hidden Laboratory.Delivering Justice
Difficult DecisionsDifficult Decisions
Slay all the Ultra Rare Heroic Monsters (red names) on Elite or Ultimate Difficulty.Eight in a Million
Craft 100 items.Expert Crafter
Reach Revered reputation with the Order of Death's Vigil.Follower of Uroboruuk
Reach Revered reputation with any Faction.Friends in the Apocalypse
Slay Gutworm in Smuggler's Basin.Gutting Gutworm
Reach level 50.Hero
Eradicate 30 Herouc Monsters (marked by a Star).Heroic Slayer
Discover what is concealed behind the collapsed rocks in the Flooded Passage.Hidden in the Flooded Passage
Find the buried treasure in the farmlands near Homestead.Hidden Wealth
Slay Warden Krieg on Veteran Mode with a character under level 11.I Was Not Expecting You, Human
Slay Alkamos, Lord Executioner in the Steps of Torment on Hardcore Mode.Immortal Executioner
Reach level 75 on Hardcore Mode.Immortal Legend
Complete the Game on Ultimate Difficulty, Hardcore Mode.Immortal Savior
In the Depths, He Lived ForgottenIn the Depths, He Lived Forgotten
Reach level 75.Legend
Eradicate 100 Heroic Monsters (marked by a Star).Legendary Slayer
Collect 5 Lore NotesLet Me Gather My Notes
Collect 50 Lore NotesLorekeeper
Craft 1000 items.Master Crafter
Eradicate 15 Heroic Monsters (marked by a Star).Monster Slayer
Craft a Mythical Relic.Mythic Power
No ExceptionsNo Exceptions
Rescue Ulgrim in the Burrwitch Outskirts.No Soup for You
Slay the Herald of Flame in the Conflagration on Veteran Mode.Not Afraid of a Little Fire
Collect 20 Lore NotesNote Collector
Slay an Ultra Rare Heroic Monster (red name) on Elite or Ultimate Difficulty.One in a Million
Reach Revered reputation with 6 Factions.Paragon of Cairn
Craft a Relic.Relics from the Past
Complete the Game on Ultimate Difficulty.Savior of Cairn
Secure the Burrwitch Riftgate in Veteran Mode.Securing Burrwitch
Reach Revered reputation with Kymon's Chosen.Servant of Empyrion
Slay Salazar, Blade of Ch'thon in the Depraved Sanctuary on Veteran Mode.Shattering the Blade of Ch'thon
Reach level 10.Survivor
The Bane of Cairn.The Bane of Cairn.
The Death RoomThe Death Room
Slay Alkamos, Lord Executioner in the Steps of Torment on Veteran Mode.The End of Torment
Slay Salazar, Blade of Ch'thon in the Depraved Sanctuary.The End to Depravity
Slay Alkamos, Lord Executioner in the Steps of Torment.The Executioner Executed
Rescue Darlet in Burrwitch.Tinkering is Her Speciality
Open 10 One-Shot Chests.To the Explorer go the Spoils
Craft a Transcendent Relic.Transcendent Power
Restore 10 Devotion Shrines.True Devotion
Slay All Nemesis monsters (red name) on Elite or Ultimate Difficulty.True Nemesis
Slay Gutworm in Smuggler's Basin on Veteran Mode.You've Got Guts

Contributed By: Guard Master.