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The Cave (2013)


Steam Achievements

Helped the Knight obtain Excalibur.A Midsummer Knight's Thieve
Saw the darkness in all our hearts.Corruption
Food-based destruction.Creamed Corn
Peered into everyone's fate.Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies
Broke bridges.Embrace Impermanence
3 die by the Miner's hand.Fire In The Hole
Enabled the Hillbilly to burn down the Carnival.Funnier Than a Burning Carnival
Stood by and watched as the Twins murdered their parents.God Bless Us, Every One
Played some dubious role in the Monk's murder of his Master.Grand Theft Karma
Slipped, where wet.Hazardous Work Environment
Came ever-so-close to recovering the Sarcophagus.It Belongs In a Museum
Shared in the blame for the Scientist's act of mass murder.Learn to Stop Worrying
Served as an accessory to the Time Traveler's murder of her enemy's ancestor.Prevenge
Saw the good in everyone.Redemption
Remembered it's wrong to steal.Remorse
Where did the King go anyway?Royal Buffet
Saw a postcard stolen from the Gift Shop.Shoplifting
Made all three characters smell like a dinosaur at once.Smells Like Team Spirit
Watched Mummy and Daddy's furniture get broken all to bits.Such Bad Children
Collector of forgotten dreams.The Whole Story
Recorded and played back the elevator music from the Zoo food court.To Soothe A Savage Beast
Pantomimed an ancient hieroglyph.Walk Like An Adventurer
The scale reveals a baleful figure.Weight of the Beast
Sacrificed oneself for ultimate flavor.Well Done
Reached the bottom of The Cave.What You Always Wanted
Got everyone out of The Cave without dying once.Who Wants to Live Forever
Everyone reached the bottom.Win-win-win-win-win-win-win

Contributed By: Guard Master.

Area/Level Hints

Easy Zoo level

If you take a hot dog from the vending machine at the beginning of the game into the Zoo level, you can take it to the Crystal Cave Monster and lure it to the bridge so it dies. That way you don't need to do the whole Zoo level or get the huntress away from the hot dog vending machine.

Contributed By: The-Apostle.