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Zeno Clash II


Steam Achievements

You reached the conclusion of Zeno Clash 2's story.#Fistworldproblems
Max out all your stats.A True Renaissance Zeno
Get goat-man's golden charm.Bounty Hunter
You defeated the Titan.Clash of the Titan
Complete all of Metamoq's trials in the Tutorial.Corwid Pupil
You throttled Adrence and saved Deadra from the Tiamte.Damsel in Distress
Find Oxameter's head.End of the Line
You went to the island and defeated Samoro-Teh, the West Golem.Go West, Young Man
Get Word to become your ally.I am Error
Rescue Father-Mother from prison.Jailbreak
Collect 40 moths in Zenozoik.Lepidopterist
Unleash a 6-hit combo.Monster Combo
You went beyond Endworld and defeated Kax-Teh, the North Golem.No King in the North
Attack an enemy while your partner is grabbing him/her.Opportunist
Find all of your missing brothers and sisters.Orphans' Gathering
Supply Thiloc with the moths he needs to complete his painting.Patron of the Arts
Unlock the secret passage to the hidden tunnels.Raider
K.O. an enemy by throwing a ranged or melee weapon at him.Should Have Dodged
You defeated Nak Nak, the leader of the Mantra Whisperers.Whisper to a Scream

Contributed By: Guard Master.