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Mars: War Logs


Steam Achievements

Finish Chapter 2 at any difficulty levelAurora execution
Finish all of the secondary quests in Mars: War LogsCompletionist
Empty 50 containersCrowbar
Finish the game in Difficult modeHard as nails
Finish the game with the Resistance at any difficulty levelHero of the Resistance
Finish the game with Honour Grant at any difficulty levelMan of Honour
Influence Innocence's personality during your conversationsMentor
Finish the game in Extreme modeMutant
Kill 15 molesPest Control
Finish Chapter 3 at any difficulty levelPlot smasher
Upgrade an objectRecycling
Unlock every skill and upgrade in a single skill treeSpecialist
Finish Chapter 1 at any difficulty levelThe Great Escape
Upgrade a skillUpgrade a skill

Contributed By: Guard Master.