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Babel Rising - Sky's The Limit


Babel Rising adds additional content that will test your almighty powers in your quest to thwart mankind from constructing the towers of Babel. In Skys the Limit, unleash your wrath and command the elements to defeat your targets and defend your reign over Babylon! Punish the unyielding strong worker, tougher than his weaker counterparts, with your unforgiving elemental attacks. Hell continue to build until you can defeat him! Inhibit the slave master, strategically positioned next to the tower, from using his whip to accelerate the speed in which workers climb the towers stairs to the top. Your patience is tested when you encounter a new kind of priest, who changes his protections every few seconds, avoiding the elemental assaults you throw in his direction. Move beyond the three existing towers and unleash your destruction to overcome challenges on two new towersthe Ishtar Gate and the Heathen Statue. Enjoy playing in competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes.
Release Date: August 7, 2012