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Dark Souls II


Steam Achievements

Discover the abysmal covenantAbysmal Covenant
Acquire Ashen Mist HeartAncient Dragon
Light the primal bonfire in Brightstone Cove TseldoraBrightstone Bonfire
Discover a most brilliant covenantBrilliant Covenant
Give Rosabeth of Melfia something to wearChange of Clothes
Discover the clangorous covenantClangorous Covenant
Discover an ancient covenantCovenant of Ancients
Discover the covenant of the fittestCovenant of the Fittest
Discover the covenant of the meekCovenant of the Meek
Light all flames on the map in MajulaCurious Map
Inherit Laddersmith Gilligan's equipmentGarrulous Miser
Increase the population of MajulaGathering of Exiles
Learn all gesturesGesture Maestro
Discover the covenant of rodentsGnawing Covenant
Light the primal bonfire in the Black GulchGulch Bonfire
Inherit Captain Drummond's equipmentHolder of the Fort
Light the primal bonfire in the Iron KeepIron Keep Bonfire
Acquire the King's RingKing's Ring
Defeat the Last GiantLast Giant
Defeat Looking Glass KnightLooking Glass Knight
Inherit equipment from Lucatiel of MirrahLucatiel
Learn all hexesMaster of Hexes
Learn all miraclesMaster of Miracles
Learn all pyromanciesMaster of Pyromancy
Learn all sorceriesMaster of Sorcery
Inherit Benhart of Jugo's equipmentMoonlight Greatsword
Discover the covenant of the protectorsProtector Covenant
Inherit equipment from the head of VengarlReflections on Disembodiment
Discover the covenant of the bloodthirstySanguinary Covenant
Reclaim flesh and set out as an UndeadSelf Recollection
Max-out devotion to covenantSelfless Giver
Light the primal bonfire in Sinner's RiseSinner's Bonfire
Inherit Steady Hand McDuff's equipmentSmith for Life
Reinforce a weapon to its limitSupreme Weapon
Earn all achievementsThe Dark Soul
See the endingThe Heir
Die for the first timeThis is Dark Souls
Defeat VendrickVendrick

Contributed By: Guard Master.