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Super House of Dead Ninjas


Unlockable Weapons

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat any minion with only your katana.Katana of Miffed Barbarians
Kill Rage.Kusarigama
Bump off spite.Nunchucks
Kill one of minions under 30 seconds.Ruby Nunchucks of Mild Discomfort

Contributed By: Fransiska Ike.


Steam Achievements

Achieve Rage five times in one gameAnger Mismanagement
Collect nine hearts in one gameCatlike Reflexes
Kill 100 enemies in a single gameCentury Club Killa
Kill RageControl Your Rage
Die 1000 timesDedication
Kill DisgustDisgust Dusted
Kill DoomDoom's Day
Kill 50 enemies with bombs in one gameExplosives Expert
Collect 100 treasuresGold Digger
Kill 20 enemies with bombs in one gameGrenadier
Score 500,000 points in a single gameHalf A Mil
Kill HorrorHorror Show
Defeat the One-Armed NinjaI'll Take The Other One
Kill SpiteIn Spite Of All Dangers
Kill 5 enemies with bombs in one gameMad Bomber
Have a conversation with 10 ghosts in one gameMedium At Large
Score 2,000,000 points in a single gameMulti Millionaire
Score 1,000,000 points in a single gameMurder Millionaire
Kill 50 enemies in a single gameNinja Novice
Kill TormentNo Torment Too Great
Descend 50 floors without killing anythingPassive Aggressive
Score 250,000 points in a single gameQuarter Mil
"Off with their heads!"Queen of Hearts
Collect 15 ticketsRedemption Game
Kill AbarghusThe Ultimate Ninja
Kill 100 enemies with magicWizard

Contributed By: Guard Master.