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Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes


Enable Cheat Codes

If installed through Steam, Right click on the game name and go to Properties. Then click on Set Launch Options and type in the word: Cheat If using the retail version, right click on the shortcut and at the end of the file path type: Cheat

CTRL+M1000 All Resources & 100 Fame
CTRL+RAll research
CTRL+ZAuto Turns
CTRL+BComplete selected city queue (buildings only)
CTRL+DCovert unit or army to faction (including bosses)
CTRL+CCreate copy champion
CTRL+FHave children
CTRL+PIncrease level of Champion
CTRL+VInstant Adult
CTRL+KInstant Kill Unit/Army In Overworld
CTRL+LLighting Effects
CTRL+JSelected City Immediately Completes All Training, Selected Champion Gets All Equipment And Weapons
CTRL+TTeleport selected army to cursor
CTRL+UToggle Fog Of War
CTRL+XToggle Interface

Contributed By: Frowdo.


Steam Achievements

Defeat a faction.0.0%Exterminator
Win by completing the Master Quest.A Great Seeker
Win by defeating all of your opponents.A Leader of Men
Win by casting the Spell of Making.A Mighty Sorceror
Complete a quest.Adventurer
Recruit TuathaAlly from the Swamp
All nations start with one.Built a City
You have captured an enemy city!Captured a City
Reach level 15 with a champion.Champion
Recruit Nen RatcatcherDarkling Allies
You've managed to slay Vetrar!Defeat the Guardian of the World's End
You've managed to slay Abeix!Defeat the Lord Who Dwells Below
You've managed to slay Torax!Defeat the Lord Who Levels Mountains
You've managed to slay Delin!Defeat the Pyre of Man
You've managed to slay Morian!Defeat the Ruin of Summer
You have defeated an army!Defeated an Army
You defeated a sovereign in battle!Defeated Sovereign in Battle
Not since Peter MacNicol has one been slain!Dragon Slayer
Control 5 cities in a single game.Expansionist
Play for 5 hours.Experienced
Play for 10 hours.Expert
Tap 10 resources in a single game.Exploiter
Explore 10 goodie huts in a single game.Explorer
Design a unit.Forging Armies
Recruit MausolosGuard from the Tomb
Play for 40 hours.Hardcore
Reach level 5 with a champion.Hero
Recruit AscianLady Umber's Assassin
Share your custom unit on Facebook.Look at Me!
Recruit GallowmanLord of Necromancy
You killed a monster!Monster Killer
Create a custom sovereign.Nice Pants!
Play for 100 hours.One...More...Turn....
Win by forging an alliance with all players.Peacemaker
Win and have at least 3,000 population.Population Manager
Complete 10 quests in a single game.Ratslayer
Your Fame has lead a hero to your cause.Recruited an NPC
Win as Altar.Rise of Altar
Win as Capitar.Rise of Capitar
Win as Gilden.Rise of Gilden
Win as Kraxis.Rise of Kraxis
Win as Magnar.Rise of Magnar
Win as Pariden.Rise of Pariden
Win as Resoln.Rise of Resoln
Win as Tarth.Rise of Tarth
Win as Umber.Rise of Umber
Win as Yithril.Rise of Yithril
Buy an item from a shop.Shopper
Recruit KasstThe Brood Warden Champion
Recruit Raza the WildThe Desert Mage
Awarded for completion of the Fallen Enchantress scenario.The Fallen Enchantress
Make 1000 gildar from selling items in shops.Trader
Get a city to level 5 in one game.Urban Sprawl
Play for 20 hours.Veteran
Win by having the highest score by the turn limit.Waiting Out the Clock

Contributed By: Guard Master.