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Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded


Steam Achievements

You big show-off! Correction: You show-off! Awarded for wearing the lubber outdoors.Busted!
Have you considered a career as a programming executive? Awarded for hypnotizing the Pimp with the television.Cable Svengali
You used the fewest cab rides to get to the endgame! How attractively budget-minded of you! Awarded for getting to Eve's Penthouse w/ only 7 tax ridesCheapskate Ladykiller
Didja see yourself? Didja? Huh? Your name was number 8,612! Awarded for giving the coveralls to the Apple Man before purchasing an apple from him.Credit Watcher Extraordinaire
Don't try this at home. It requires a dramatic license! Awarded for using the patched love doll to float across the chasm.Defying Physics
Real nice. And the ulterior motive just makes it worse. Awarded for giving a box of wine to the bum and receiving the pocket knife.Enabler of the Year
Congratulations! You played the entire game without going broke. You never were one to rely on the kindness of strangers!Fiscally Responsible
At least you had the good sense to only make one bottle! Complete the creation of eau d' Larry.Frontier Pharmacist
You can fix anything! What woman wouldn't love a guy like you? (Answer: All of them!) Awarded for patching up the love doll.Handy to Have Around the House
Awarded for showing the love doll to Adam at Studio 69.Hey, Is This Yours?
Congratulations! You found every possible star on the Larrywood Walk of Shame! Thanks to each of them for Kickstartering us.I Can Walk the Walk!
Congratulations! You've now heard every joke this comedian knows.Is That All There is?
Congratulations! You found every possible way to die in this game. Every last one. What would your Mom say?Is This Something To Be Proud of?
Congratulations, brave adventurer! You have graduated to full-scale breaking and entering! Get the pills from Lefty's window.Law and Order: Lost Wages
This is your second major act of criminal trespass! Way to go! Awarded for entering Adam's penthouse.Law and Order: Lost Wages II
Well, well. That wasn't the least bit embarrassing! Awarded for buying a condom at the Come 'n' Go store.Lubber Band
You have such a gentle touch with that discarded syringe. Awarded for extracting the civet from the cat.Making Friends Everywhere You Go
You always did consider yourself a lover and not a fighter. Awarded for getting beaten up by the mugger.Mugger Mayhem
You'll tell anyone, anything - especially a recorded female. Awarded for taking the phone sex quiz.No Boundaries
Now we have to say "Some cartoon animals were injured in the making of this game."Awarded for pouring the hot sauce into the whale's blowhole.Not With My Whale, You Don't!
Unprotected sex? In the '80s, Larry? Seriously? Awarded for having sex with the hooker without using a lubber.Nuclear Crotch
You did it. You not only got laid, but you've found true love. (Maybe.) Awarded for giving the apple to Eve.Oh. My. God.
Congratulations! You finished the game without once getting peed on by the dog! See? Staying a moving target is not just important in FPS's.Order of the White Pants
You've passed a milestone; be sure to tell all your friends. Awarded for having sex with the hooker while wearing a lubber.Pretty (Gross) Woman
"Somebody get the scraper!" Awarded for getting run down by a speeding vehicle.Road Rash
It's the next best thing to having yourself spayed or neutered! Awarded for wearing a lubber before having sex with the Hooker.Safe Citizen
Keep this up and you'll need a talented-but-undisciplined young sidekick! Awarded for chewing your way through the bungee cords in the Honeymoon SuiteSecret Agent Man
She has three orifices. You were bound to find at least one! Awarded for using the zipper on the patched love doll.Something to Tell the Grandkids
What did the last guy eat, rubber cement?! Awarded for flushing the toilet in Lefty's bathroom.Swirlie Swan Song
S'way to go! You're the living embodiment of the word "tipsy!" Drink ten drinks in a row at Lefty's.Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another?
You're ahead of the game when you can tell the slop from the glop! Awarded for earning the hot sauce by finding all hidden objects at the Buffet.That'll Do, Pig
You're showing your age, Larry. That company has been gone a long time! Awarded for dialing 1-209-683-6858 on the payphone.The Old and The Hopeless
You're taking "dumpster diving" quite literally, Larry! Awarded for retrieving the hammer by falling from the fire escape into the dumpster.Tool Grabber
Who knew? She seemed so sweet. Awarded for dancing with Fawn at Studio 69.Unexpected Disco Stud
Did you bring a fresh white leisure suit? Awarded for getting peed on by the dog.Urine Luck!
But it was all so fast! That was the shortest engagement on record! Awarded for marrying Fawn at the Weddin' Ready chapel.We Would've Brought a Gift
Congratulations! You used the vibrator on every possible person in the game. Shared pain is lessened, shared joy is increased. That's why we're here.Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
You've always loved to yank the ol' handle! Awarded for hitting a jackpot on any slot machine.Yankmaster
You are so proud. Now don't tell anyone how you did it! Awarded for turning off the bubbles in Eve's hot tub.Yes! Yes! Yes!
Hmm. This looks just different enough to avoid a lawsuit! Awarded for getting a good look up close at the Angry Broads arcade cabinet.You Love This Game!

Contributed By: Guard Master.


Skip the Age Verification Form

When You start a New game and have chosen a valid age you'll be asked to answer 5 questions to continue. You can Skip this test by pressing/holding Ctrl+Alt+X on the 1st or any other question. You'll see a Cheater Cheater screen when entered correctly.

Contributed By: SCVengeance.