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Rayman Legends

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Nintendo Switch Version Of Rayman Legends Has "Several Surprises" 02/13/17
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Missing Rayman Legends levels coming to Vita in late November 11/14/13
Splinter Cell: Blacklist underperforms with 2 million sold 11/12/13
Rayman Legends coming to PS4, Xbox One in February 11/12/13
Rayman Fiesta Run coming to mobile devices in November 10/24/13
Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell: Blacklist sales lower than anticipated 10/16/13
Wii U has "real potential and power" says Ubisoft 09/25/13
Study finds children gaming nearly as much on mobile as console 09/11/13
Rayman Legends PS Vita patch will add missing content 09/04/13
UK Chart: Rayman debuts sixth while Lost Planet 3 and Killer is Dead miss top 20 09/02/13
Ubisoft Australia launches 3D character creator 09/01/13
Rayman Legends Review: 8 / 10 08/30/13
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AU Shippin' Out August 26-30: Rayman Legends 08/26/13
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Gameplay Video - Rayman Legends 08/26/13
Video Review - Rayman Legends 08/26/13
Rayman Legends Review: 9 / 10 08/26/13
Rayman Legends demo hits XBL, PSN in Europe tomorrow 08/13/13
Rayman Legends - Gloo Gloo Music Level Trailer 08/13/13
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Splinter cell Blacklist: Big Action for a Stealth Game 06/12/13
Rayman Legends: Everyone Loves Rayman 06/12/13
Rayman Legends - E3 2013 Water Stage 06/12/13
Rayman Legends - E3 2013 Mech Serpent Stage 06/12/13
Rayman Legends - E3 2013 Eye of the Tiger 06/12/13
Rayman Legends - E3 2013 Stage Demo 06/12/13
Rayman Legends - E3 2013 Trailer 06/10/13
Rayman Legends - Now Playing 05/30/13
Rayman Legends coming to PlayStation Vita 05/28/13
Rayman Legends: PS Vita Announcement 05/28/13
Rayman Legends: 20,000 Lums under the Sea Trailer 05/14/13
Rayman Legends gets console-specific preorder bonuses 05/14/13
Rayman Legends - Mariachi Madness 05/02/13
Rayman Legends release date moved up in Europe 04/25/13
Rayman Legends Challenge Mode coming to Wii U this week 04/22/13
Rayman Legends delay triggered creation of 30 new levels 04/11/13
Michel Ancel leaving Ubisoft? 02/25/13
Rayman Legends delay 'humbled' Ubisoft, Wii U getting free mode 02/19/13
Michel Ancel, dev team protesting Rayman Legends delay 02/12/13
Wii U owners promised an exclusive Rayman Legends demo 02/11/13
Rayman Legends developer attacks "shi**y" industry for Wii U delay 02/08/13
Rayman Legends no longer Wii U exclusive 02/07/13
Wii U message hard to convey says Ubisoft studio head 02/06/13
Rayman Legends - Demo Trailer 12/13/12
Wii U NFC in Rayman Legends trailer only a tech demo 11/27/12
Wii U to tour Australia 10/31/12
Rayman Legends Toad Story Walkthrough Trailer 10/25/12
GS News - Rayman Legends Delayed 10/09/12
Rayman Legends delayed to 2013 10/08/12
Nintendo Wii U to be playable at EB Expo 2012 09/26/12
Rayman Legends - Development 09/13/12
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