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Starcraft: Brood War


Cheat Codes

Press enter the bring up the message box and type in the code for the desired effect.

show me the money10,000 Minerals and Gas
breathe deep500 Gas
whats mine is mine500 Minerals
medieval manAll Research Abilities
modify the phase varianceBuild Anything
opheliaEnable Mission Select
xProtoss<mission number>Enter Ophelia code then, jumps to the corresponding broodwar mission for the Protoss.
xTerran<mission number>Enter Ophelia code then, jumps to the corresponding broodwar mission for the Terrans.
xZerg<mission number>Enter Ophelia code then, jumps to the corresponding broodwar mission for the Zerg.
operation cwalFaster Building
the gatheringFree Unit Spells/Abilities
game over manInstant Loss
there is no cow levelInstant Win
power overwhelmingInvincibility
Terran<mission number>Jumps to the corresponding mission for the Human.
Protoss<mission number>Jumps to the corresponding mission for the Protoss.
Zerg<mission number>Jumps to the corresponding mission for the Zerg.
staying aliveKeep Playing After Mission End
food for thoughtNo Supply Limit
something for nothingOne Level Unit Attack and Defense Upgrade
nogluesOpponent has no psionics
radio free zergPlay Secret Zerg Song
war aint what it used to beRemove Fog of War
black sheep wallReveal Entire Map

Contributed By: Littlebeast, Perfect Core, kRaJijOsH, Nexxt, N3k74r, Quix_Jester, Polyester Monkey, Nivla, Hydra_Kirby, AznRaver, ChipmunkMan, and Ssonic.

Mission Jump

While playing, bring up the "Message:" prompt by pressing enter, type "ophelia" and press Return (don't include the quotes). Bring the prompt up again and type "x<race name> <mission number>" to jump to the specified mission (again, no quotes).

Example: xprotoss 8 - Jump to protoss mission 8

Contributed By: RayCrasher.


Go Over Protoss Population Limit Without Cheats

First make sure you have at least one dark archon with the mind control upgrade. Then, max out your population. Now any units you mind control will go over your population limit but will not affect you.

Contributed By: lan911.

Observer glitch

When your opponent has a missile turret, you can send an observer right on top of the missile turret and it will stop firing.

Contributed By: Gremlinfan.

Seige Tank Destruction Glitch

For this glitch, all you will need is any flyable terran building, and a seige tank (enemy, or your own). First, you will need to make your building liftoff. Normally, when a seige tank is deployed, and you try to land on it, it will show red under the placement and say that you can't land there. You will need to land it on a deployed seige tank. To do this, you need to predict where the seige tank will actually deploy. Before, it gets there and deploys, you need to tell the building to land. If it is done right, the seige tank will go where it was told, and deploy while your building is landing. The building will land right on top of the seige tank. If it was any other unit, it would just be pushed out of the way by the building, but since a seige tank cannot move while deployed, the building will land, and the seige tank will be destroyed at no cost to you.

Contributed By: Kylermannn.

Easter Eggs

Nuclear Critter

Click on a critter so that it responds to you 14 times. It will explode in a nuclear blast, but will not damage nearby units.

Contributed By: Hadephobia.


Play Secret Zerg Level

Beat Zerg level 9, The Reckoning, is 25 minutes or less to access it.

Contributed By: Mr Knowitall.