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Battlefield Hardline

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All The EA/Origin Access Free Games 04/29/18
Battlefield 1's "Battlefest" Begins Today, Offers Free Dog Tags, Weapon Skins, and More 11/16/16
This Week's PS4, PS3, and Vita Deals Revealed 11/15/16
Battlefield 1: How to Earn a Weapon Skin and Dog Tag by Playing Battlefield 4 or Hardline 10/12/16
This Week's PS4, PS3, and Vita Deals Revealed 09/27/16
This Week's Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Revealed 09/06/16
Star Wars, Battlefield, and More Discounted in PC Origin Sale 08/18/16
This Week's PS4, PS3, and Vita Deals Revealed 08/16/16
Battlefield Games Will Have Unified UI on PS4/Xbox One Starting This Summer 07/28/16
Battlefield 4's Naval Strike DLC Now Free, Here's How to Get It 07/20/16
Call of Duty, Destiny, and More Discounted in PS4/PS3/Vita Flash Sale 07/15/16
Top-Selling PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Games on PSN in June 2016 Revealed 07/07/16
Battlefield Hardline DLC That Gives You a Sword Is Now Free, Here's How to Get It 07/05/16
New Battlefield UI Revealed for Battlefield 4, Hardline, and 1 06/25/16
The Witcher 3, Star Wars Battlefront, and More Discounted in PC Origin Sale 06/16/16
You Can Pick Up Battlefield 4 and Hardline For $5 Right Now 06/16/16
EA Giving Away $1 Million to These Charities in New Campaign 06/09/16
Top-Selling PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Games on PSN in May 2016 Revealed 06/06/16
Battlefield Hardline's Getaway Expansion Is Now Free, But Only for a Limited Time 06/01/16
EA's Next Free On the House Game Now Available 05/31/16
This Week's Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Revealed, Including Free Battlefield Hardline DLC 05/31/16
This Week's PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Deals Revealed 05/24/16
Star Wars Battlefront Ships 14 Million Copies, as EA Profits Climb 05/10/16
New Battlefield 5 Video Offers a Tease of Tomorrow's Reveal 05/05/16
What is the Best Battlefield Game? - The Lobby 05/04/16
GS News Update: EA Giving Battlefield 4 and Hardline DLC Away For Free 05/04/16
EA Giving Battlefield 4 and Hardline DLC Away for Free 05/04/16
EA PC Game Sale Discounts Star Wars Battlefront, FIFA 16, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and More 04/01/16
Play Free Xbox 360 Multiplayer This Weekend 04/01/16
This Week's PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Deals Revealed 03/15/16
Battlefield Hardline's Last DLC Brings a Sword, Maps, and a Gun Bench 02/11/16
EA Trying Not to Be a Greedy "Beast," CEO Says 01/21/16
Battlefield Hardline: Getaway Cinematic Trailer Battlefield 01/07/16
Watch Battlefield Hardline Expansion's New Cinematic Trailer 01/07/16
Battlefield Hardline Getting Multi-Week Competitive Seasons 01/07/16
The Best Reviews of 2015 12/23/15
2015's Top Trending US Games on Google Revealed, Number 1 May Surprise You 12/16/15
Battlefield Hardline's Latest DLC Adds Maps, Vehicles, and a Fire Axe 12/14/15
Why 2015 Is The Year Of The Grappling Hook - The Gist 11/30/15
Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront Could Work as esports Titles, EA Says 11/17/15
Battlefield Hardline Free "Blackout" DLC Coming Soon, Here's What It Includes 10/21/15
"Highly Likely" That DICE LA Will Make Its Own Game, EA Says 10/16/15
Battlefield Hardline Now Free on Xbox One With EA Access 10/14/15
Here's When Battlefield Hardline Comes to Xbox One's EA Access as a Free Game 10/08/15
GS News - Xbox Boss Calls Console War "Distasteful"; Voice Actors May Strike! 09/23/15
Next Xbox One Free EA Access Game Revealed [UPDATE] 09/23/15
Battlefield Hardline's Robbery DLC Gets Release Date 09/12/15
"It Can't Be All White Males," EA Exec Says About Diversity in Gaming 09/05/15
On-Disc DLC Conspiracies Are "Nonsense," Says EA's Moore 08/13/15
Battlefield: Hardline DLC Expands Weapons Arsenal 08/10/15
Battlefield Hardline's New Heist Mode Inspired by Battlefield 4's Squad Rush 08/04/15
EA Sees "Momentum" for Full Year Despite Revenue Downturn in Latest Quarter 07/30/15
2015 Half-Time Report: How's the Game Selection? 07/23/15
"Sweet New Game Mode" for Battlefield Hardline Will Be Announced Next Month 07/20/15
PS4 Users Unable to Play Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition DLC 06/26/15
Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity - First Impressions 06/11/15
Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity - New Break-In Kit Gameplay 06/11/15
Battlefield Hardline Adding These New Cars and Guns Through First DLC 06/10/15
Battlefield Hardline - Criminal Activity 05/26/15
Watch Battlefield Hardline DLC's First Gameplay Trailer 05/26/15
Watch Battlefield Hardline, But in Real Life 05/20/15
Battlefield Hardline's First DLC Has New Maps, Guns, Bounty Hunter Mode 05/20/15
New PS4/PS3/Vita Sale Focused on DLC Begins 05/19/15
Mortal Kombat X, GTA 5 Top April 2015 Game Sales Charts 05/14/15
Best-Selling PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Games on PSN in April Revealed 05/14/15
Star Wars, Battlefield Hardline Dev Hit With "Small" Number of Layoffs 05/12/15
Battlefield Hardline's First DLC Adds Four New Maps and More 05/08/15
Visceral Won't Abandon Battlefield Hardline PC Amid Low Player Levels 05/08/15
EA "Very Happy" With Battlefield Hardline Sales 05/06/15
EA Reveals 80 Percent of Battlefield Hardline Sales Were For PS4/Xbox One 05/05/15
EA Revenue and Profit Climb, as Digital Continues to Shine 05/05/15
Battlefield Hardline's Killer Couch Nerfed, as New Update Goes Live 04/28/15
New Details on Battlefield Hardline's First Patch 04/24/15
UK Games Chart: Mortal Kombat X Breaks Series Record 04/20/15
Battlefield Hardline, Bloodborne are Top-Selling Games in March for 2015 04/16/15
PS4's Bloodborne Beats Battlefield for PlayStation Store Sales in March 04/13/15
Battlefield Hardline Players Earned $901 Billion of In-Game Cash 04/08/15
Dead Space, Battlefield Hardline Manager Leaves EA 04/08/15
Battlefield Hardline - Unlocked: Assignment 2 Sidearms 04/07/15
UK Games Chart: Dark Souls 2 Remaster Joins Bloodborne in Top Ten 04/07/15
Battlefield Hardline Patch Will Nerf Deadly Couch 04/02/15
Battlefield Hardline 5 Hot Hotwire Tips 04/01/15
Buy Battlefield Hardline for $40 03/30/15
Battlefield Beats Bloodborne in UK Sales Charts 03/30/15
GS News Update: Changing PC Hardware Can Lock You Out of Origin Games 03/29/15
Changing PC Hardware Too Often Can Lock You Out of Origin Games, EA Confirms 03/28/15
Should you Buy the Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition? 03/26/15
Win This Rare Battlefield Hardline Xbox One Controller 03/24/15
UK Games Chart: Battlefield Hardline is 2015's Fastest Seller So Far 03/23/15
Making Easy Money in Battlefield Hardline 03/19/15
Battlefield Hardline: PS4 and Xbox One Connection Problems Reported 03/19/15
Is Hardline The Best Battlefield in Years? - The Lobby 03/18/15
Buy PS4 With The Last of Us and Battlefield Hardline for $435 03/18/15
Battlefield Hardline Connection Problems "Due to DDoS Attack" 03/18/15
Battlefield Hardline - Launch Trailer 03/17/15
Battlefield Hardline, Final Fantasy Type-0, Mario Party 10 - The Lobby 03/17/15
Battlefield Hardline Review Roundup 03/17/15
Driving a Couch - Battlefield Hardline 03/16/15
Battlefield Hardline Video Review 03/16/15
Battlefield: Hardline Review: 7 / 10 03/16/15
Battlefield Hardline - Heist Live Action Trailer 03/16/15
4 Cop Game Alternatives to Battlefield Hardline - The Gist 03/16/15
Watch Battlefield Hardline's Live-Action Heist Trailer 03/16/15
PS4 Free Online Multiplayer Weekend Starts Friday 03/16/15
UK Games Chart: Grand Theft Auto 5 Returns to Top 03/16/15
AU New Releases: Battlefield Hardline Launches On Multiple Platforms 03/15/15
Battlefield Hardline, Tales From The Borderlands and Mario Party 10 - New Releases 03/15/15
You Can Now Pre-Load Battlefield Hardline on PC 03/15/15
Video: Battlefield Hardline Lets You Drive a Deadly Couch 03/14/15
Quick Look: Battlefield Hardline 03/13/15
Battlefield Hardline - Now Playing 03/12/15
We're Not Holding Back Battlefield Hardline Content for DLC, Dev Says 03/12/15
Battlefield Hardline Xbox One File Size Is 45 GB 03/12/15
Battlefield Hardline Unlikely to Repeat Battlefield 4's Stumbles, Dev Says 03/11/15
EA Lists Battlefield Hardline Changes Following Beta 03/11/15
GS News - Battlefield 720p on Xbox One, DmC Too Sexually Suggestive? 03/09/15
Battlefield Hardline - Launch Trailer 03/09/15
Watch Battlefield Hardline's Launch Trailer 03/09/15
Battlefield Hardline: 900p on PS4, 720p on Xbox One 03/08/15
Dead Space Developer Wants to Return to the Series 03/07/15
Battlefield Hardline - Premium Trailer 03/02/15
GS News Update: EA Reveals Battlefield Hardline Premium Program 03/02/15
EA Reveals Battlefield Hardline Premium Program 03/02/15
Battlefield Hardline - Developer Diary: Story 02/27/15
Battlefield Hardline PC -- "We're Not Just Porting It Over" 02/27/15
How Siege Can Perfect Hostage Rescue 02/27/15
Battlefield Hardline is Far More Than a Battlefield 4 Re-Skin, Dev Assures 02/27/15
Battlefield Hardline Premium Details Leak Early 02/27/15
Battlefield Hardline’s Visuals Aim for Believability, Realism 02/26/15
Battlefield Hardline Xbox One Now Available to Pre-Load 02/26/15
Battlefield Hardline Dev Talks Single-Player Campaign Length, More 02/25/15
Battlefield Hardline - EA Access Gameplay Trailer 02/25/15
Want to Play Battlefield Hardline Five Days Early? Here's How 02/25/15
Battlefield Hardline Goes Gold 02/24/15
Battlefield Hardline Xbox One Is "Extremely Rare" 02/21/15
Top 5 Reasons Hardline Needs a Sniping Mode 02/20/15
How Battlefield Hardline Is Changing After the Beta 02/20/15
Xbox One's Halo 5, Fable Legends, State of Decay, More Playable At PAX East 02/19/15
Battlefield Hardline Giving Away Exclusive Bonuses for Legacy Players 02/18/15
Battlefield Hardline: Top Five Things we Had to Test 02/12/15
See All Of Battlefield Hardline's Gadgets and Vehicles 02/11/15
7 Million People Played Battlefield Hardline Beta 02/11/15
GS News - 6 Million Battlefield Players; Resident Evil Breaks Records! 02/09/15
Battlefield Hardline: How Real-World Police Controversies Affected Development 02/09/15
Battlefield Hardline Beta Extended 02/09/15
Battlefield Hardline Beta Hits 6 Million Players, More Than Destiny Beta 02/09/15
Battlefield Hardline: Is the Frostbite Engine Holding it Back? 02/07/15
Be A Better Hacker In Battlefield Hardline 02/06/15
GS News Update: EA Exec: "Our Games Are Too Hard To Learn" 02/06/15
Battlefield Hardline, What's the Best Zelda, Are Zombie Games Played Out? - The Lobby 02/03/15
Will Hardline Fix the Battlefield Series? 02/03/15
Battlefield Hardline Beta - Now Playing 02/03/15
Battlefield Hardline PC Requirements Revealed, Are Similar to Battlefield 4's 02/03/15
Battlefield Hardline Could Add Planes Someday, Dev Teases 02/02/15
Battlefield Hardline's Development Is Being Directly Influenced By YouTubers 02/02/15
Hotwire Will Be BF: Hardline's Signature Mode 02/02/15
How Classes are Different in the Battlefield Hardline Beta 02/02/15
Battlefield 4 Players Get Extra Perk For Playing Hardline Beta 01/30/15
Battlefield Hardline Beta Stats Don't Carry Over To Full Game 01/30/15
GS News - Battlefield’s Open Beta Details; Bill Gates Talks HoloLens! 01/29/15
Battlefield Hardline - Beta Trailer 01/29/15
Battlefield Hardline PC Specs Similar To Battlefield 4's 01/29/15
Battlefield Hardline Beta Goes Global on Feb 3 01/29/15
Battlefield Hardline Beta Date Leaked -- Report 01/27/15
EA Investigating "Free-to-Start" Console Games 01/27/15
All Battlefield Hardline Maps and Modes Revealed 01/23/15
Play Battlefield 4 This Week To Unlock Hardline Multiplayer Beta Heist Mode 01/21/15
Battlefield Hardline to Be Released Early on Xbox One Via EA Access 01/20/15
Battlefield Hardline Beta Details Revealed 01/14/15
"There's No Doubt Moving Battlefield Hardline Back Was the Right Call," Dev Says 01/11/15
Battlefield Hardline: Karma Gameplay Trailer 12/22/14
Check Out New Battlefield Hardline Gameplay Trailer 12/22/14
The Gist - The 6 Biggest Game Delays of 2014 12/15/14
GameStop Destiny DLC, Battlefield Hardline Deals Revealed 12/08/14
Battlefield Hardline - Single Player Story Trailer 12/05/14
Battlefield Hardline the "Most Complete" FPS Out There, EA Says 12/05/14
Battlefield Hardline Is A Self-Aware Stealth Game 11/29/14
2016's Battlefield Will Return To Military-Style Roots 11/18/14
Watch: New Battlefield Hardline Campaign Footage 11/13/14
Battlefield Hardline Campaign Brings Tactical Freedom to Single Player 11/13/14
The Gist - Ways To Keep A Long Running Series Fresh 11/10/14
Research Shows No Link Between Video Game Violence And Real-World Violence 11/05/14
Battlefield 5 Delay Good for the Franchise, Analyst Says 10/29/14
Battlefield 5 (or Whatever Comes After Hardline) Won't Release Until Fall 2016 10/28/14
Battlefield Hardline Launching March 17 10/28/14
Battlefield Hardline Inspired by Batman, Die Hard, Heat 10/14/14
How Does Battlefield: Hardline’s Hotwire Mode Play? 10/03/14
The Gist - Is EA's "Player-First" Culture Off To A Good Start? 10/01/14
How Is Battlefield Hardline Different Than Battlefield 4? Developer Explains 09/30/14
Battlefield Hardline Dev Responds to Criticisms About Police Militarization 09/30/14
Battlefield Hardline Won't Repeat BF4 Launch Disaster, Dev Assures 09/29/14
Battlefield Hardline Can Live Alongside Battlefield 5, Dev Says 09/26/14
The Gist - Are Game Delays Good Or Bad For Gamers? 09/24/14
Battlefield Hardline - Hotwire Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer 09/18/14
Battlefield Hardline's New Trailer Highlights Its Fun-Looking Car Chase Mode 09/18/14
GS News - Sony Braces For $2.1bn Loss; Halo: Reach Coming To Xbox One? 09/17/14
Battlefield Hardline Delayed So EA Could Add "More Innovation," CEO Says 09/16/14
Games Are "Far More Powerful" Than Movies for Storytelling, EA CEO Says 09/16/14
Battlefield Hardline Story Aiming for "a Tone That Games Don't Often Have" 09/11/14
EA: We're Getting Better at Listening 08/18/14
Battlefield Hardline - New Hotwire and Rescue Modes Plus Single Player Breakdown 08/13/14
Is Battlefield Hardline as Linear as BF4? - Gamescom 08/13/14
Battlefield Hardline - Rescue Multiplayer Trailer Gamescom 2014 08/13/14
Battlefield Hardline - Single-player Gameplay Premiere Gamescom 2014 08/13/14
Extended Battlefield Hardline Single-Player Demo, 2 Multiplayer Modes Revealed at Gamescom 08/13/14
Comic-Con 2014: Battlefield: Hardline Dev Says Great Games "Transcend" Delays 07/25/14
GS News Top 5 - Google Buying Twitch For $1 BILLION; Huge Games Delayed! 07/25/14
Battlefield Hardline Delay Pushes Back Battlefield 4's Final Stand DLC 07/23/14
GS News - New Dragon Age + Battlefield Delayed; Dota 2 Dishes $10.9 million! 07/22/14
GS News Update: Battlefield Hardline delayed to 2015 07/22/14
Battlefield Hardline Delayed Until "Early 2015" 07/22/14
Battlefield Hardline's Single-Player Aims to "Do Something Completely Different" 07/17/14
Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer To Become "Deeper And More Interactive" Thanks to Beta Feedback 07/16/14
Battlefield Hardline: Here Are Some Ridiculous PS4 and PC Beta Stats 07/09/14
Top 10 Reasons Bad Company 2 Was the Best Battlefield 07/05/14
Here's What's Being Changed in Battlefield Hardline Following the Beta 07/02/14
Battlefield Hardline Beta Coming to All Platforms This Fall 06/28/14
You Can Now Watch YouTube Videos In 60fps Starting With Battlefield, Titanfall 06/27/14
Will Battlefield Hardline be worth $60? - The Lobby 06/25/14
Assassin's Creed Unity, Battlefield Hardline, and Far Cry 4 Top GameSpot's Most Anticipated Fifty 06/24/14
Battlefield: Hardline, EA UFC, FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - The Lobby 06/24/14
GS News - Witcher 3 Info Leaks, Battlefield: Hardline Not Just An Expansion 06/23/14
GS News Update: Battlefield: Hardline dev explains why it is more than just an expansion 06/23/14
Battlefield Hardline Dev Explains Why It's Not Just An Expansion 06/23/14
All Weapons, Gadgets Unlocked for Battlefield Hardline Beta 06/20/14
Battlefield Hardline Beta - Starter Guide 06/20/14
Battlefield Hardline Beta Extended By One Week 06/19/14
In Wake of Battlefield 4 Launch Issues, EA Overhauling Testing Process 06/18/14
Play the Battlefield Hardline Beta on PC Right Now 06/18/14
Battlefield Hasn't Been Annualized, Despite Hardline Coming One Year After BF4 06/16/14
Battlefield Hardline Beta Confirmed for Xbox One and Last-Gen 06/16/14
E3 2014: 30 Games in 30 Seconds 06/15/14
Battlefield Hardline: 6 Minutes of Multiplayer Gameplay 06/10/14
E3 2014: Battlefield Hardline Stage Demo 06/10/14
E3 2014: Battlefield Hardline Trailer at Sony Press Conference 06/09/14
E3 2014: EA Press Conference in 2 Minutes 06/09/14
GS News - Microsoft & EA’s E3 Reveals; New Mass Effect/Tomb Raider! 06/09/14
E3: 2014 - EA Post Show Breakdown 06/09/14
Battlefield Hardline Beta's Surprise Launch Causing Origin Issues 06/09/14
E3 2014: Battlefield Hardline Gameplay Demo at EA Press Conference 06/09/14
E3 2014: Everything You Need to Know About Battlefield Hardline 06/09/14
Battlefield Hardline: A Quick Guide to What's New and Different 06/09/14
E3 2014: Battlefield Hardline Beta Available To Download Now on PS4 and PC 06/09/14
Battlefield Hardline Development Began Over Two Years Ago 06/06/14
EA Bringing Titanfall, Dragon Age, and Battlefield to E3 06/06/14
Battlefield Hardline October Release Leaked in New Trailer 06/05/14
Battlefield Hardline - Into The Jungle Trailer 06/05/14
GameSpot Fifty Goes Live, Ranks All The Games 06/05/14
Report: Battlefield Hardline Beta Coming to PS4 06/04/14
More Battlefield Hardline Footage Emerges 06/03/14
GS News - Battlefield: Hardline Video, Wolfenstein Piracy, and Bomb Scares! 05/28/14
Leaked Battlefield Trailer was Six Months Old, E3 Will Have the "Real Deal" 05/28/14
GS Breakdown: Battlefield Hardline trailer impressions 05/28/14
Battlefield Hardline Trailer Leaked, Multiplayer Modes Revealed 05/28/14
GS News Update: Battlefield Hardline video leaks online 05/28/14
Battlefield Hardline video leaks online, shows new gameplay footage 05/28/14
Battlefield Hardline to launch this fall 05/27/14
Report: New Battlefield game revealed [UPDATE] 05/27/14