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Sunless Sea


Steam Achievements

Complete the game without ever choosing a pastA Past Wreathed in Shadows
Recruit the imaginary officerCome Closer
Take the Correspondent legacyCorrespondent
Spend five years out at zee in an unbroken lineageFive Years at Zee
Discover The Dawn MachineHE SUN THE SUN THE SUN T
Complete the game without saving manuallyI am the Captain of my Soul
Let your terror reach 100Lose your Mind
Die 10 times in an unbroken lineageNever Stop Sinking...
Achieve Antiquarian 10Old Unhappy Far-Off Things
Spend one year out at zee in an unbroken lineageOne Year at Zee
Download new storiesOpen Your Ears
Take the Pupil legacyPupil
Take the Rival legacyRival
Discover 'The Eye'Roaring Rise
Achieve Admiralty's Favour 10Rules the Waves
Suffer Salt's CurseSalt's Curse
Take the Salvager legacySalvager
Take the Shipmate legacyShipmate
Die for the first timeSink Beneath the Waves
Die 5 times in an unbroken lineageSink Beneath the Waves. Again.
Create an ironclad willSound Mind?
Suffer Stone's CurseStone's Curse
Suffer Storm's CurseStorm's Curse
Woo a sweetheart in LondonSweet Sorrow
Spend ten years out at zee in an unbroken lineageTen Years at Zee
Visit the SurfaceThe Ascent of Man
See Hunter's Keep burnThe Fall of the House
Let your terror reach 90Thou, All-Shaking Thunder
Acquire the Eschatologue-class DreadnaughtWe're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
Send your child to zeeZee Fever

Contributed By: Guard Master.