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Cheat Codes

In-game cheat codes.

idkfaActivate cheats
ramboAll weapons, ammo and level portal artiffact
iddqdCommit suicide
quickenGod mode
shazamLevel up

Contributed By: FranciscoBravoC.


Unlockable Characters

Meet the conditions to unlock new characters. They can be selected before starting a game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Kill 200 SlimesAgnes the Witch
Deal 35,000 damage with alchemic weaponsAlgorab the Alchemist
Kill 250 CarrotsCid the Seer
Kill 5,000 enemiesCorvus the Vampire
Kill 120 OrcsGlyndor the Battlemage
Kill 25 DemonsHadar the Templar
Open 10 mystery boxesJules the Harlequin
Kill 200 enemies with the magic wandKraz the Novice
Kill 200 ImpsLeto the Cleric
Play 20 gamesLoki the Vagabond
Kill 40 ShamansMenzi the Shaman
Kill 250 KoboldsOsuna the Bard
Deal 15,000 damage with stavesRigel the Acrobat
Deal 25,000 damage with spellsSaiph the Librarian
Win the gameSimon the Sorcerer

Contributed By: Nerthing.


Steam Achievements

Break 2,000 things (Barrels, tombs...)A bull in a china shop
Complete a challenge roomA walk in the park
Unlock all character classesAlumni
Reach experience level 5Applied student
Survive the ZigguratBrother of Daedolon
Find a super secret cheat codeCheat like it's 1994
Find a secret roomDo you want to know more?
Reach floor 2 without getting damagedEasy peasy
You reached 3rd floor. Now the real lesson begins.Elementary
Unlock all enemies in the bestiaryEncyclopaedia
Find all lore scrollsErudite
Reach experience level 10First of the class
Win the game without using any level upHands tied
Kill a Lost soul with the Skull of XanatosHead to head
Reach experience level 15Honoris causa
Die 50 timesHurt me plenty
Die 10 timesI'm too young to die
Win the game with Argo on Normal difficulty in less than 45 minutesIntensive course
You've been ambushed in a treasure roomIt's a trap!
Unlock all perksJack of all trades
Unlock all amuletsJewelry box
Died after killing the bossKarmic Justice
Equip a weapon of every kindMaster of Magic
Kill 1000 enemiesMinions Must Die
Get to floor 3 using only the magic wand (Apprentice class only)Mudblood
Unlock all weapons,perks,lore & character classesMy precious!!
Die 25 timesNot too rough
Win a game with every character (any difficulty)Old pupils reunion
Master a perk by getting it to level 5One trick pony
You died on a danger roomOuch!
Get your first level upPractical lessons
Kill 500 enemies affected with elemental statesRelieve the pain
Kill all enemies at least once (including bosses)Second to none
Unlock all magic weaponsSmoke & Mirrors
You met your match in the final showdownSo close!
Find your first amuletSo shiny!
Kill 5000 enemiesUltraviolence
Win a game on hard difficultyUnstoppable

Contributed By: Guard Master.