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Quake II


Cheat Codes

give body armor1 body armor
give combat armor1 combat armor
give jacket armor1 jacket armor
give armor200 body armor
give all (at Console screen)All Items in Single Player
sv_gravity XXXAllows you to set the gravity, where 0 is no gravity and 850 is normal
hand #Changes which hand your character shoots with. (# is 0 or 1)
notargetEnemies can't see you
give rockets XXXGives you rockets, where XXX is the number you put
give (ammo) XXXgives you the ammo type you entered, as well as in the quantity you put
give BFGgives you the BFG
give bfg10kGives you the BFG 10,000
give chaingunGives you the Chaingun
give grenade launcherGives you the Grenade Launcher
give hyperblastergives you the hyperblaster
give hyperblasterGives you the Hyperblaster
give (item) XXXgives you the item you entered, as well as in the quantity you put as X
give machinegunGives you the Machinegun
give railgunGives you the Railgun
give rocket launcherGives you the rocket launcher
give rocket launcherGives you the Rocket Launcher
give shotgunGives you the Shotgun
give super shotgunGives you the Super Shotgun
give (weapon)gives you the weapon you enter in place of (weapon)
give cells XXXgives you X amount of cells, where X is the number you put
god (at Console screen)God Mode
dmflags 8192Turns on Infinite Ammo
/g_unlimited_ammo 1 (after pressing ~ while in game)Unlimited Ammo (version 3.14)
noclip (after pressing ~ while in game)Walk Through Walls/Fly

Contributed By: DarknessSavior, Zuake6561, Chaos Death Saurer, ironyisntdead, DragonSquiirt, DevilSailormoon, Maverique, barkerm79, nicolae6, and MooCow.


Unlimited ammo without console code.

After opening the game, go to multiplayer. then Start a network game. Go down to the menu labelled 'Deathmatch Flags'. One of the options is infinite ammo. Select yes on this option, then start a single player game. You will now have unlimited ammo.

Contributed By: EckyThump.


Hard+ Difficulty

Go to the console and type "Skill 3". If done correctly, a message will say "Skill will be changed for next game." The next time you load a game, it will be in effect. On this mode, enemies won't flinch when you shoot them and have higher health than in Hard Mode.

Contributed By: SirWyatt94.

Level Skip

Okay, when in game, bring up the console by pressing ~. Then, type map <level name>. The codes in which needed to skip are listed here:

Outer Base - base1.bsp
Installation - base2.bsp
Comm Center - base3.bsp
Lost Station - train.bsp
Ammo Depot - bunk1.bsp
Supply Station - ware1.bsp
Warehouse - ware2.bsp
Main Gate - jail1.bsp
Destination Center - jail2.bsp
Security Complex - jail3.bsp
Torture Chambers - jail4.bsp
Guard House - jail5.bsp
Grid Control - security.bsp
Mine Entrance - mintro.asp
Upper Mines - mine1.bsp
Borehole - mine2.bsp
Drilling Area - mine3.bsp
Lower Mines - mine4.bsp
Receiving Center - fact1.bsp
Sudden Death - fact3.bsp
Processing Plant - fact2.bsp
Power Plant - power1.bsp
The Reactor - power2.bsp
Cooling Facility - cool1.bsp
Toxic Waste Dump - waste1.bsp
Pumping Station 1 - waste2.bsp
Pumping Station 2 - waste3.bsp
Big Gun - biggun.bsp
Outer Hangar - hangar1.bsp
Comm Satelite - space.bsp
Research Lab - lab.bsp
Inner Hangar - hangar2.bsp
Launch Command - command.bsp
Outlands - strike.bsp
Outer Courts - city1.bsp
Lower Palace - city2.bsp
Upper Palace - city3.bsp
Inner Chamber - boss1.bsp
Final Showdown - boss2.bsp

Contributed By: Arena.