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Assassin's Creed Syndicate


Uplay Challenges

This title has a total of 48 Challenges through Ubisoft's Uplay. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to complete the Challenge.

Complete Sequence 3.A Modern Babylon
Complete Sequence 4.A Quick and Reliable Remedy
Complete Sequence 6.A Run on the Bank
Complete Sequence 2.A Simple Plan
Complete Sequence 1.A Spanner in the Works
Complete Sequence 7.All is Fair in Politics
Reach 2400 Club XP through any Assassin’s Creed® gamesAssassin
Conquer City of London.City of London is Free!
Complete all Classic Challenges offering Club Units in Assassin's Creed® Syndicate.Completionist
Craft 10 items.Crafty
Purchase 15 gang upgrades.Decorator
Complete Memory 2: 'Autumn of Terror'.DLC: Autumn of Terror
Complete Memory 10 : 'Family Reunion'.DLC: Family Reunion
Complete Memory 5 : 'Letters of Intent'.DLC: Letters of Intent
Complete Memory 7 : 'Loose Ends'.DLC: Loose Ends
Buy all the Fear Skills.DLC: Master of Terror
Complete all the activities given by Weaversbrook.DLC: Media Proprietor
Complete all the activities given by Abberline.DLC: Protector of London
Complete all the activities given by Nellie.DLC: Queens of London
Complete Memory 4 : 'The Lady Talks'.DLC: The Lady Talks
Complete Memory 8 : 'The Mother of all Crimes'.DLC: The Mother of all Crimes
Complete Memory 3 : 'The Unfortunates'.DLC: The Unfortunates
Complete all memories from Darwin, Dickens, Marx and Queen Victoria.Documentarian
Conquer 4 boroughs.Four Points
Complete Queen Victoria Memories.God Save the Queen
Complete Dickens Memories.Great Expectations
Reach 1 Club XP through any Assassin’s Creed® gamesInitiate
Unlock all perks.Koh-i-Noor
Conquer Lambeth.Lambeth is Free!
Unlock all perks.Master
Reach 7200 Club XP through any Assassin’s Creed® gamesMaster Assassin
Reach Level 8Maturity
Complete Darwin Memories.Publish
Complete all Memory Sequences.Sequencing Complete
Complete Sequence 9.Shall We Dance?
Obtain all Club Rewards in Assassin's Creed® Syndicate.Show me the money!
Conquer all boroughs.Smoke’s Lord
Conquer Southwark.Southwark is Free!
Complete all Memory Sequences.Steam Machine
Conquer Thames.Thames is Free!
Complete Sequence 8.The Joys of Freedom
Complete Sequence 5.The Perils of Business
Conquer The Strand.The Strand is Free!
Play Assassin's Creed® Syndicate.Welcome
Unlock the open world.Welcome to London
Conquer Westminster.Westminster is Free!
Conquer Whitechapel.Whitechapel is Free!
Complete Marx Memories.Workers Unite

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.