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Age of Empires


Cheat Code - Shotcut Keys

To activate a cheat, enter its corresponding hotkey below.

CTRL + PImmutable Structure
CTRL + TNew Resource Menu
CTRL + QSpeed/Fast Construction
CTRL + CView Ending

Contributed By: Sour.

Cheat Codes

To enter the following cheats, you must press [Enter] anytime during gameplay. Next, type the letters to the left, and press [Enter].

PEPPERONI PIZZA1000 food bonus
COINAGE1000 gold bonus
QUARRY1000 stone bonus
WOODSTOCK1000 wood bonus
UPSIDFLINTMOBILEAccelerates your Chariot Archers
DIEDIEDIEAll enemy units die
BIGDADDYblack sports car with a rocket launcher
STEROIDSBuildings and units are created instantly
King ArthurChanges all birds into Dragons
PHOTON MANCreate a guy in a white suit with a quick- fire laser gun
E=MC2 TROOPERCreates a guy in a white suit with a slow- firing nuke gun
Big MommaCreates a White Sports Car
POWCreates baby with rocket launcher
StormbillyCreates some sort of walker
GAIAGives you control over nature (but lose control over your own civilization)
KILLXKill player X
HOYOHOYOPriests are faster and stronger
NO FOGRemoves the fog of war
REVEAL MAPReveals the map
MEDUSATransforms villagers to Medusas
DARK RAINTurns a Bowman into a Composite Bowman which turns into a tree when not moving
BIG BERTHATurns Heavy Catapults into Big Berthas
BLACK RIDERTurns Horse Archers into Black Riders
FLYING DUTCHMANUpgrade your Catapult Tiremes/Juggernauts into Flying Dutchmen
die die dieWin the battle
HARI KARIYou lose the game
RESIGNYou resign
HOME RUNYou win the game
ICBMYour Ballistas and Helepolis have a 99+1 range
JACK BE NIMBLEYour catapults and stone throwers fire villagers, cows, etc.

Contributed By: JChamberlin, Jamesbond3150, ToyFreddy, Oryan85, and Cyan Garamonde.


Build units beyond population cap

Since the game engine only checks the population cap at the time of first ordering a unit, it's possible to go over the cap, by reaching 49/50 and then simultaneously ordering units from multiple buildings.

This technique can also build more units than you have houses for.

Contributed By: thrawnca.