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Command & Conquer: Renegade


Edit Vehicle

While in a vehicle, press ` (the key right above the tab key) to open the command console. Now type "edit vehicle" and click enter. It should give you a list of things you can edit about the vehicle (e.g. Max engine tourqe. The higher the Tourqe, the faster the car will go.) Dont set the spring too high - if you get in the car when the spring is too high, the car will shoot up in the sky at start spinning around in space!

Contributed By: Guitar geek 456.

Extra Characters

Note: this code only works in Multiplayer Practice and Non-Laddered Games.

In order to get extra characters, press F8, the put in "extras fnkqrrm", without the quotations. If you have the unpatched version, put in "extras quantifigon", without the quotations. When you are at the Purchase Terminal, hold down alt when clicking on either Characters, or Vehicles. Some of the units for GDI include General Locke, Elana Petrova, Logan, and Liutenant Maus. The hidden vehicles for GDI are a Sedan, and a Pickup Truck. Nod's hidden characters include 3 mutants, a chef, Mutated Petrova, and Kane.

Contributed By: Driver Miladinyo.


Silent Run

This can work with any character, preferably Stealth Black Hand, but when you want to sneak up on someone somewhat far away and cant normally reach him in time, hold down the crouch button and constantly jump towards wherever you want to go! Jumping is the same speed as running, and while you are crouched, you make no noise at all. Plus when you are Stealth Black Hand, you are invisible unless you get about a foot away from an enemy, but when you are crouched you cannot be seen like you would if you weren't.

Contributed By: Dodge159.

Use Purchase Terminals outside of buildings

If you walk to an allied building and go to where a terminal is (on the other side of wall) and press E, you can use the purchase terminal to buy things. This is quicker than going into the building and it is useful for buying refills and buying an engineer character to repair your base or vehicles.

Contributed By: Ebest.


Edit game credits

First open the ''svcfg_skirmish.ini'' file in the westwood/renegade/data directory. At the very bottom of the page, it will say "starting credits = some number". Now hilight the number after "starting credits" and change it to 100,000 or 1,000,000. Next click ctrl + s to save the changes. Now close the window and start up Renegade, and go to multiplayer practice mode. Now you should have the amount of credits you entered before. You can also turn friendly fire on, make it a dedicated server, and many other things.

Note - This does not work on multiplay internet servers, it only works on multiplayer practice mode.

Contributed By: Guitar geek 456.

Enabling Extras

You can activate some fun extras in the multiplayer mode by pressing F8 to bring up the command menu and typing ''extras fnkgrrm'' (''extras quantifigon'' in the unpatched version). A message should appear saying, ''Extras ENABLED!'' Now hold down the Alt key while clicking on the character or vehicle buttons to bring up the extras (but there are no menu pictures for them). Extras do not work in laddered games.

Note: Some of the Nod extra characters are mutants. They regain health while they are standing on Tiberium or being hit by Tiberium-based weapons.

Contributed By: MegaNerd.

Extra credits in Multiplayer Practice

Go to C:\Westwood\Renegade\Data and open the "svrcfg_skirmish" file and change "StartingCredits=400" to however many credits you want to start out with, anywhere up to 50,000.

Contributed By: The_Approved.

Infinite Skirmish Time

Use a text editor, enter the westwood/renegade/data directory and edit the ''svcfg_skirmish.ini'' file. Simply change the ''game-time'' value to zero.

CAUTION: Make back-ups before editing anything.

Contributed By: Hazezon.

Spawn weapons in Multiplayer Practice mode

To have the game spawn weapons around the map go to C:\Westwood\Renegade\Data and open the "svrcfg_skirmish" file and change "SpawnWeapons=no" to "SpawnWeapons=yes"

Contributed By: The_Approved.