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Commandos 2: Men of Courage


Cheat Codes

Enter the following code as your characters name "GONZOANDJON" to unlock the cheat mode

CTRL + [minus]Display Frame Rate
CTRL + VInvisibility
CTRL + SHIFT + XKill anything with 1 hit
CTRL + SHIFT + NLevel Skip
SHIFT + XTeleport
CTRL + SHIFT + NWin Level

Contributed By: Mike Truitt and ElFreakoKid.


Level Codes

Enter GONZOANDJOHN while playing to enable cheat mode.

NMWQ9Bridge over the River Kwai (Hard)
3GHSLBridge over the River Kwai (Normal)
KJWJKBridge over the River Kwai (Very Hard)
SRCM8Castle Colditz (Hard)
VAZ2PCastle Colditz (Normal)
TRD78Castle Colditz (Very Hard)
JE5SHDas. Boot Silent Killers (Hard)
WKUC4Das. Boot Silent Killers (Normal)
SKDJFDas. Boot Silent Killers (Very Hard)
PAEN8Is Paris Burning? (Hard)
9TT5WIs Paris Burning? (Normal)
1LPQDIs Paris Burning? (Very Hard)
PLKUMNight of the Wolves (Hard)
XHGDRNight of the Wolves (Normal)
PVTSLNight of the Wolves (Very Hard)
LPQ6TSaving Private Smith (Hard)
UN63ASaving Private Smith (Normal)
TRIB4Saving Private Smith (Very Hard)
K9D3HTarget Burma (Hard)
B7D8FTarget Burma (Normal)
9BG3STarget Burma (Very Hard)
WL3CZThe Giant in Haiphong (Hard)
JAHSGThe Giant in Haiphong (Normal)
ZX78YThe Giant in Haiphong (Very Hard)
16G3LThe Guns of Savo Island (Hard)
AZLM1The Guns of Savo Island (Normal)
E2J7HThe Guns of Savo Island (Very Hard)
DFY3BWhite Death (Hard)
YSM51White Death (Normal)
3DYNGWhite Death (Very Hard)

Contributed By: Tom Kazansky.