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Cheat Codes

Press ENTER to input these cheats:

$GET TECHAll Tech Researched
$COLLISIONS OFFDisable Asteroid Collisions
$FOGOFWAR OFFDisable Fog of War
$GOD OFFDisable God Mode for Selected Unit
$COLLISIONS ONEnable Asteroid Collisions
$FOGOFWAR ONEnable Fog of War
$GOD ONEnables God Mode for Selected Unit
$RU [number]Get indicated number of resources
$SU [number]Get indicated number of support units
$FPS OFFHide Frame Rate
$BUILD [number]Sets build speed to indicated number
$FPS ONShow Frame Rate
$WEAKEN ENEMYWeaken Enemy Hulls to 1
$WINWin Current Mission

Contributed By: HOmie g StRINg, alaskanpie, Shinix, and eli0918.