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Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura


Duplicate Any Stackable things(Ex. Bullets, Gold, etc.)

To do this glitch you must go to any thing that can hold items(a Rubbish Bin, etc.).

My example will be using Gold

Use the take all button to empty the bin out, and then grab the gold and send more than half of it to the bin( If you have 50 gold, send at least 26 gold pieces or it will not duplicate) Once it is in the bin there should be 26 pieces in the bin, and 24 in your inventory. Once this is true drag the gold from your inventory to the bin, but DO NOT send it over completely. Make sure the window where you can choose how much gold you want to put in the bin is up and make sure the number says 0. While that window is up click the take all button and take all the gold from the bin. Your gold count should go back up to 50 in the number box to the side of the inventory. Then choose the choose all button on the gold window. If done right the number should say 24. Send the gold over to the bin and the number should now say 74 instead of 50. The item will not appear in your inventory until you close the bin and re-open the bin/go to your inventory. You can do this as many times as you want or need. The items that work with this are Gold, Bullets, Fuel, Batteries, and Arrows.

Contributed By: ZidaneTribal.

Infinite Money

This trick can be done as soon as you get to Shrouded Hills.

1) Go to Riztezze.
2) Save your game in his shop.
3) Pickpocket his key (he shouldn't give you too much trouble with it, just quick-load it if he attacks)
4) Open his chest.
5) Take the money, touch NOTHING else!
6) Go outside his shop. (Make sure Virgil's outside, too)
7) Advance time 1 day. (Use the tab in the upper-right corner)
8) Go back in.
9) Repeat steps #4-8.

NOTE:This has NOT been tested on un-patched versions!!!

Contributed By: The RPG Apostle.

Kill Mysterious Apparition

Before you head off to the wheel clan, put items in your hotkey bank. Then travel to the wheel clan and you will encounter the mysterious apparition on the way. While he is talking click on your item in the hotkey bank and you should exit the dialogue. You can then attack and kill him without him attacking you. You will recieve a large amount of exp and he will keep appearing for you to do the same thing over and over again

Contributed By: Soul_Edgemaster.

Money From Shopkeepers

This can only be done after aquiring the Baneful Gauntlets on the Isle of Despair, or any other hexed item that automatically poisons the wielder.

First, select a shopkeeper you don't like, in any city, any type of shop. Then tell your party members to wait outside while you go inside and drop the gauntlets or another hexed item on the ground. Then move away to the other side of the room. The shopkeeper will walk over and pick up the item and, by default, EQUIP it. This will of course bring on the poison, and eventually the shopkeeper will die, leaving you to loot their body of the item you used, any other items, and usually, around 2 million gold.

This is the easiest way to aquire massive amounts of gold quickly, and if you want, you can revive the shopkeeper and do it again in a week of game time. They won't be hostile towards you, so you can keep repeating it as many times as you want on the same shopkeeper.

Contributed By: Son Of Bhaal.

NPC Cloning

If you find an NPC that doesn't move (they stand in the same spot day and night) you can clone them and their equipment. First, you need to get an item that does damage over time before you can do this.

1: Go up to the NPC and drop the DOT item near the NPC.
2: Wait for them to walk over, pick it up and equip it, thus they start taking the damage.
3: Once they die, loot their items from them.
4: Resurect the NPC.
5: Walk a couple screens away and advance time one day.
6: Go back to the NPC and they should be cloned.

Notes: You have to drop the item right beside most NPCs or they will walk back to their starting spot. Also note that some NPCs won't equip certain items and armor is size dependant.

Contributed By: Professional Troll.

Reflection Shield Glitch

This glitch can be used to make permanent a varaity of spells and effects.

1) Cast the spell you want to make permanent (ex. Summons, Dominate Will, Agility of Fire, etc..)
2) Cast Reflection sheild on the same target (for summoned creatures cast on the creature)
3) Delete the first spell THEN the Reflection shield.

The effect of the spell will still be in effect, but you won't be using Fatigue on it.

Contributed By: Prime Sonic 2.

Robbing shops without PROWL or PICKPOCKET

1. Enter shop.
2. Rest until evening, then two more hours.
3. The shopkeeper will go into the backroom and the door will be unlocked. Follow him.
4. Rest until morning.
5. Wait for the door to close.
6. Pick the lock for the wares and take anything you want.
7. Rest until evening + 2 hours to get out.
(I find that with certain shopkeepers, like the blacksmith in Tarant, you can actually stand next to the chest, take out an item, and sell it right back to them for money. This works even better if you sell them some very expensive item. The Blackstone Blade works well for the above example)

Contributed By: Phrog343.

Easter Eggs

Two-Headed Cow

At H.T. Parnell's museum you can see an exhibit which features a two-headed cow. This is a reference to Fallout, another game made by some of the Troika deveopers, in which you can find the skeleton of a two-headed cow in the sand.

Contributed By: kazooninja.


Quick Gold and Scrolls

1) Go to the Dark Mage shop in Tarant and enter it (only do-able at night)
2) Rest until morning
3) Go inside and position yourself right beside the Dark Mage's shop chest
4) Rest until evening, then rest +2 hours
5) Either cast the spell Disintigrate on the Baleful Hound, or use a scroll of Disintigrate. Melee combat will draw the shop owners attention and ruin it.
6) Once the hound is dead, make sure you are still beside the Dark Mage's chest, against the wall. Unlock Cantrip or Pick Lock the chest.
7) To get the Light Mage's chest open, use Unlock Cantrip from the same spot while he's asleep. The Light Mage usually won't notice, since you're too far away.
8) When needed, restock the chests by going outside the shop and advancing time 1 day. It might be a good idea to Unlock the doors leading in to the back area. Each day will yield around 5000 gold, and a number of various scrolls which can allow you access to high powered spells VERY early, as well as magikal items.

Contributed By: DarkFool.